Sunday, September 27, 2009

Moxie Girl

I came home from errand-running to find M looking like this:

Apparently, she is having no difficulties finding her own brand of sartorial creativity. I don't mean to brag, but isn't this some serious style?? She chose every piece of this clothing in the store (except the crazy shirt that was a gift). Those ray ban rip-off sunnies are her latest conquest, from Chinatown. And she tied that scarf up by herself.


  1. She's got a great sense of style. It's obviously in the genes.

  2. what?!?!? she looks FANTASTIC!!! i just love it! and she looks like such a fun and happy girl, too, and that is just fabulous!

  3. M is a cool kid! I feel most uncool, just saying that...

  4. Tessa: Ha! It IS all about me :-)

    Belle: Thank you! I'll take that compliment, current "boring outfits" notwithstanding.

    E: Why thank you! I think she learned this colour matching for herself though...

    Thanks Monkey - I must admit it's a cute smile.

    Wendy: Thanks! Once again I think she's looking a little Wendy, but maybe I'm just on that track right now.

    Janelle: Thanks for saying that she looks happy. I try not to impinge on her fun too much - but it's tough! :-)

    Tanya: Thanks!

    Iris: It takes cool to know cool :-)

    Christina: Thank you - I think she's great but I suppose I'm vaguely biased :-)

  5. Omigoodness, I can't wait to show Steen's Mom how fab that crazy top turned! Personally, I love the scarf-n-glasses-rif :)

  6. OMG She is SO CUTE! Even her pose is awesome! A little fashionista in the making.

  7. bayleaf: Isn't it amazing? The glasses are my fave.

    Miss C: Thank you. I know your daughter loves lime green so I thought you might appreciate this.

    Maegan: I tell you, you can't teach the pose :-)

    Hammie: Aww. xo