Sunday, September 13, 2009

I <3 Montreal Theme Week: Atwater Market Afternoon

Atwater Market is located beside the Lachine Canal in Southwest Montreal. For years I've been hearing about it yet I've never managed to get my ass over there. My loss!

We walked there from our hotel on Mansfield. It took about 45 minutes and the day was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Late summer in the northeast produces a incomparable quality of daytime light, in my opinion. Maybe it's the angle of the sun? I don't know that the photos capture it but they will have to tell the tale.

The walk down Atwater towards the market:

You can see the market building from the train when you're coming into Mtl:

You can also see the Canal...

This shot looks from the Canal back towards the market and Atwater - you can't really see it but the Mountain is ahead.

Now for the food!

We ate liberally from numerous stalls scarfing food as quickly it was handed to us. While I didn't get any good shots of the flower stands, they were incredibly numerous for a northern market and the product was unbelievably fresh and beautiful. What struck me most, other than the tremendous quality of everything, was the abundance of flowers.


  1. Argh, I was already hungry when I read this, now I'm starving!

  2. ^^Me too! LOL.

    It looks like a bounty of beautiful food.

  3. What perfect weather for a walk and a nosh. Love your photos.

  4. LOVE the pictures! Yes, of course, I'm hungry now too!

  5. isn't the food always the best part of any trip?! happy eating!

  6. Forgive my stupidity, what is food #1? I am not recognizing it.

  7. Wendy and E: That's what this blog is all about - making you aware of the deficiencies of blood sugar! :-)

    Belle: Thanks! It was so gorgeous to just eat roast beef and chocolate and croissants while walking around!

    Londyn: I so wish that we had a comparable market here in TO. Everyone talks about how good the St. Lawrence and Kensington markets are here but, seriously, there's no comparison with Atwater.

    Frou-Frou: Yes! (And wine.)

    Bel: So glad you asked. They are called ground cherries. They taste like a cross between strawberries and tomatoes. They are a popular dessert garnish in Ontario and Quebec. They are very pretty when you unwrap them from the papery part that protects them.

  8. I'm glad Belette asked about the ground cherries because I would have had to do so otherwise. Fabulous photos and food. Geesh, you are making me hungry too.

    I love the late summer/early fall light.

  9. Hammie: It would blow your mind. Seriously.

    Mardel: Ground cherries are very popular here. They taste quite unusual. Isn't that light gorgeous? You must be having it now too...