Thursday, September 24, 2009

I <3 Montreal Theme Week: Simons Says

In addition to the jasmine perfume, I did a small amount of stealth shopping at the flagship Simons (Mansfield and Ste Catherine) - a mere hop, skip and jump from our lovely hotel.
Scott had to do a bit of work so M and I spent 20 minutes "browsing" and we managed to get a bit of stuff for each of us. This is particularly surprising, not because we had 20 minutes (plz!) but because Simons doesn't do kid's clothing. Nonetheless, my daughter managed to find a few things! As you know, M is quite a tall girl, so managed to just fit into the following:
  • White wool legwarmers. Yes, I tried to get her to go for the grey but no dice.
  • A stripey red and white cotton camisole (xs). We've been pinning the as-tight-as-can-be tightened straps till she gets a bit longer (or vaguely less modest). In truth, it's fine unpinned. She wears it over a t-shirt anyway!
  • Asymmetric slate grey wrap sweater (xs). This is designed to tie at the waist if you're a grown up, but on her it hangs like one of those drapey sweaters we all own and love. We roll the sleeves a little and, presto, she is very avant garde chic. Note: Simons is known for its knits - bien sur, given the northern clientele it designs for.

And for me:

  • A sleeveless knee-length cardigan-cum-dress/tunic thing, in dove grey. I've worn it once as a dress, belted, with boots. In the winter I see it with a variety of interesting shirts underneath or sweaters over top. Pls. stay tuned. I'm sure it will make its way into photos.
  • The same freakin' cardigan I seem to buy every year - in a similar colour, what's worse. This one distinguishes itself by being ultra soft but machine washable, slightly stretchier than my other (merino and cashmere versions), a bit more vibrant blue than the standard issue and a smidgey longer. And I was freezing, out for the day, and the thing (like many objets at Simons) was incredibly well-priced at $39.00. Look, I know, it doesn't make it ok. Why didn't I ask Scott to bring me my sweater from the hotel (where he still was)? Why didn't I walk up the block and get it? Why must I buy this sweater year after year?

No really. Why?


  1. You have a sweater addiction. Take it one day at a time.

  2. Love the sweater addiction - I do the same with stripey tees!

  3. Wendy might be right ... but hey, better cardis than crack, right?

  4. I think cardigans are never too much :)


  5. Because you love it! Let yourself off the hook! You could do waaaaaaaay worse things. :)

  6. Come on, now - it's machine washable! The sheer convenience alone makes it worth the purchase ;-)

    I have a theory - when you find something that you love and that looks hot on, BUY AS MANY AS YOUR BANK ACCOUNT ALLOWS! We could all perish in a mighty dust storm tomorrow.

  7. This sounds like such a fun mother daughter day.

  8. I'm glad you found things at Simons, they have cute stuff I find and it's not overpriced either.

  9. Wendy: You are so wise.

    Kate: I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one!!

    Sal: All in all, cashmere is still cheaper :-)

    Seeker: They're practical, right??

    E: I know, I know. But I really am struggling with this whole consumption thing.

    Imogen: Pls. stay tuned - though, secretly, the photo in my post about the Oratoire St. Joseph (the one with me, S and M) shows me wearing it.

    Iris: You're making me sound positively intelligent :-)

    E8: It was very fun... A lot of "Oh, can I have that too"ing but still a great time. With lunch!

    Saturn: I love Simons. The only department store that excites me.