Saturday, September 12, 2009

Salad Days

A couple of weeks ago, when the weather was still sultry, Steen, Nicole, Scott, M and I had a delicious BBQ. Nic had just got a new camera - an excellent camera - something point-and-shoot Canon (but practically an SLR) and we spent the evening taking photos.

The menu:

Hamburgers (we call them bugglers)
Corn on Cob
Modified Nicoise Salad (made by S&N - the most gorgeous thing!)
Homemade coffee ice cream (Michel Roux recipe)
Homemade sable shortbread (Michel Roux recipe)
Yummy bottles of wine I can't remember the names of

N shot a great video of me preparing dessert (well - we think it was great but we weren't exactly the best judges of high art at that point). Alas, in our debaucherous state, we managed to delete the video. You'll just have to believe I was like a TV chef.

I'm sure I'm going to look at these again and again come January!

Is it just me, or does my kid look like WendyB here?

I'm telling you, buy Pastry by Michel Roux. Even has ice cream recipe and all the food I've tried so far has been amazingly successful

Can you get over how gorgeous this salad is???

The last shot, while grainy and gratuitous, falls into the "K-Line tries to pretend she's Niotillfem and is living an exciting Scandinavian life where people kiss in dimly-lit rooms" category.


  1. Oh! The photos! What fun. Yes, she looks like WendyB. LOVE the kiss! Contented *sigh*.

  2. Your darling daughter *does* have the WB look in that shot! But I can tell she's totally M too . . .

  3. Your daughter's gorgeous. Love her dress too!

  4. Ah food porn - you are good at this and look how it ended up!

    M is marvellous - great dress and good WendyB pose and smile.

  5. Nope, she's far more photogenic than I am!

    And we say "burglers" for hamburgers.

  6. I skip the "burglers", but that salad and the dessert.... hummmm...yummy (great that WendyB was here first, I know she doesn't like the yummy word... lol)

    And your daughter.... OMG... lovely!!!!!!!


  7. You have/go to the most fabulous get-togethers, K.! How lovely.

  8. She has the WendyB smile! Food and beauty all in one post. Love it!xoxo

  9. Your daughter is such a little cutie! (Just like her mom is!)

  10. Tessa: Thanks! I knew I was right about the shot of M.

    Miss C: WB look! Love that. She really is her own kid. I think it's the pose and smile that really made me think of Wendy.

    Pink: I know!!

    Janet: Thanks. I got that dress at GapKids of all places! Full price. It was, like 40 bucks which is as high as I go on a dress that's going to have chocolate stains in 3 weeks.

    Kate: Thank you so much. I can't believe how much I love food styling!

    Wendy: As I tweeted, you are both totally gorgeous. She could do worse than chanelling the WendyB charm :-)

    ~h: Thanks!

    Seeker: Thanks! The salad was the most beautiful thing ever. Seriously.

    E: Thanks! They are so nice to capture because then I get to remember them. But after the fact there's no cleaning up or having to be organized. Just the memory of the fun parts :-)

    Bel: Oh, thank you.

    Monkey: I've missed you. Can't wait to find out about your trip. And thanks for your lovely comment.

  11. So you are WendyBs surrogate? and you kept her! I can't wait to see the movie of the week! xx

  12. H: Ha! Can you imagine. Who could play Wendy other than herself. No one else is charismatic enough.