Friday, September 18, 2009


As a brief respite from the Mtl. posts, here are a few photos Scott took recently:

M gives you some of her "no I won't comb my hair to look pretty in a picture" attitude - maybe that's why I feel so much like someone's boring mother here...

A chance for you to observe just how insanely blond my new hair is

A rather meh shot of me modeling the asymmetrical skirt purchased for $19.00 (down from $119.00) about which I posted a few weeks ago.

I'm frankly opposed to trashing myself in my posts - what on earth could be the point? And yet these shots really aren't cohering for me. I see how I should have worn a heel to lean me out a little (wouldn't have been comfy walking though, since I wore heels the day before). The tucked in shirt has a tendency to shorten my waist and highlight my ample chest - like, to the max - which is yet another reason that a little heel would have helped.

Having said that, not every outfit is the cat's ass. And I have been promising clothing photos...


  1. You sure don't look like a boring mother. Um, nice boobage! Great hair too.

  2. Love the hair and the mother-daughter photo. You don't at look like anyone's boring mother.

    It is hard to say this is what I don't like, should have done without sounding negative but it is good to note what you might have liked better. You do it well.

  3. For what it's worth, I LOVE the blonde-ish hair. Really and truly.

  4. Odds bless your husband for taking those photos. As always, you are va-va-va-voom!

  5. I don't know, K, I think you look really beautiful. And glowing. M is really sweetly beautiful, too.

  6. I am going to repeat what has already said, you most certainly do not look like a boring mother. You look sassy, sexy, sophisticated and smart. I <3 the mother /daughter picture.

  7. I heart your sandals! Are they the 9 West ones (if I remember correctly)?

  8. Love the photos. I think the increased blondish brightens up your look.

  9. I've said it before but girl, you have a great rack!

  10. I think you look absolutely gorgeous in the second photo.

  11. you and your daughter are so lovely :)

  12. Everyone: I am so appreciative of these comments. When you're not feeling "super on", it's so encouraging to read enthusiastic and positive comments. Now I'm starting to love these photos :-)

    Wendy: Thank you! I was not feeling super confident about these pics so I appreciate your nice comment. Hair and boobs - what could be better :-)

    Mardel: Thank you. Maybe it's M getting older that makes me feel like I'm getting older??

    Sal: Thank you. I feel the hair is mega blond. I find it funny that you think it is merely "blondish" :-)

    Monkey: You always make me feel better about myself xo

    E: Thank you so much. I guess my confidence in the outfit impinged on my feeling good about the photos as a whole.

    Bel: Thank you! I love looking sassy. That's what I aim for xo

    Miss C: Your eye is excellent. Those are they!!

    Belle: Thank you. I agree. I feel younger with lighter hair, in general.

    Hammie: I try :-) Thanks!

    Allison: Thank you. I guess you of all people I need to listen to. (Allison is my sister...)

    Yulanda: Thank you so much.

    ~h: Thanks - people say we look alike but I don't see it...

  13. you (and your daughter!) are both looking beautiful!

    and there are worse things than highlighting an ample chest -- just ask your man! :)

  14. Janelle: Thank you! I have to say S would agree with you about the chest :-)