Saturday, March 28, 2015

Where I'm At

Well, I don't think I'd use the term "energetic" to describe my proposed weekend. It's going to involve a minimal amount of movement or going out, at least today. Minus 10, peeps. Ah, springtime, TO-style.

No mind, there's nut milk to be made (without cocoa, mildly concerned to say). I'm out of cocoa and I'm not venturing to the store. Also, I've got tons of potions to create. Birthdays are coming up, new formulas need testing. After my last purchase at Voyageur (the excellent place in BC where I get a variety of the supplies I require), I must admit that I've become a bit like the potion cat-lady.

Look, here's my take on things: I love to make stuff and, for the most part, I'm pleased with the results. I attribute my success to the fact that I don't skimp on the building blocks. If you want to sew beautifully, make sure you've got the equipment and all of the notions (including that PITA, clear elastic stay tape). If you want to bake beautifully, go out and get those weird ingredients you only use occasionally. (When they're called for, once in a blue moon, you'll have them.) If you're a knitter - you're really best to have samples of yarns in all the gauges in your stash - and all the needle sizes.

And if you're a skin care aficionado, you need to be outfitted will all of the things to make all of the things you intend to make. Sure, skin care is a broad domain - and you can work with very few ingredients - but if you expect to veer into any new territory, chances are you need obscure things that you will not be able to find up the block. And not having those things will preclude you from making a potion that works. Cuz it's not rocket science - but it is organic chemistry.

Here's a peek at a portion of my stash of skin care stuff (well, a portion of the non-refrigerated stuff - the fridge stuff takes up its own mini-shelf):

What I'm aiming to make today:
  • Lotion A, 3, 2.5 oz bottles
  • Lip Balm
  • Arnica Salve, 3 - 4 containers
  • Essential Oil, roll-on perfume - 2 bottles (NEW recipe)
  • Face Serum A - 1 bottle
  • Deodorant A - test batch
Updated: What I made in the end:
  • Lotion A - 1 bottle (2.5 oz)
  • Lip Balm - 3 tins
  • Arnica Salve - 4 containers
  • Essential Oil roll-on perfume - 2 bottles (Oh, this is a trip! So fun, so easy, so cute.)
  • Face Serum A - 1 bottle
  • Deodorant A - 1 large stick, 3 small sticks
And in addition to the zillions of ingredients required (albeit in very small quantities), I have acquired an assortment of the most adorable containers:
C'mon - is this not a fun container??
These will look much better with my labels - BTW, my brand looks good!
Oooh, just like the ones you find at the fancy stores (where the product costs 40 bucks)
Not exciting, but they do the job well...
When I was a kid I always wanted a chemistry set. As a 10 year old, I would go into the kitchen and mix together all of the ingredients I could find, just to see what would happen. A penchant for baking is what came of that dalliance. I find it amusing that, as an adult, I'm using chemistry to make entirely practical, and beautiful things. Goes to show that high school isn't a total waste of time - especially when bolstered by the modern internet. 

I hope to have some fun finished product to show you (labels and all) over the next little while.

Now off to sterilize!


  1. Voyageur is my go to place as well. I make soap. I love my homemade soap and so does my family. It leaves my skin less dry in the winter. Have fun with your potions . Barb

  2. Thanks Barb. I'm really happy with the quality of product from Voyageur - and with the extensive inventory. I also feel that the customer service is very adequate...

  3. I swear if they'd done this at school I may actually have paid attention in chemistry! Isn't it cool being able to make the stuff you need. I take great pleasure in that...I know you do too!

    1. You are SO right. Honestly - it's every bit as much chemistry as putting useless chemicals in a beaker and shaking them up. And it produces something useful in the end. What are the schools wasting their time for??

  4. You make this look like SO MUCH FUN!!