Monday, March 16, 2015

The Bra Sale: Full Inventory and Specifics on Batch 1 (NWT and Empreinte)

As promised, here's a list of the loot that's available (listing free stuff first, followed by brands in alpha order). Photos and additional info will follow in other posts:

Empreinte Lily Rose   Free (Yeah, you did read that right)
Fantasie Bella Free
Freya Pheobe Free
Freya Unknown (Blue and pink with animal print), totally awesome Free
Freya Eleanor Free
Freya  Millie (Black) Free
Freya  Millie  (Pink) Free
Panache Tango Plunge Free
Panache Tango Plunge Free
Charnos Cherub Full Cup (Black) Free
Cleo Meg  $15.00
Cleo Neve $15.00
Cleo Bella $10.00
Empreinte Kaela $45.00
Empreinte Lola $45.00
Fantasie Helena $10.00
Fantasie Smoothing Balconette $5.00
Fantasie Smoothing Balconette $5.00
Fantasie Samantha Strapless $10.00
Freya Nina $5.00
Freya Arabella $10.00
Freya Tabitha $5.00
Freya Rio $5.00
Freya Tamsin $5.00
Miss Mandalay Paris $5.00
Panache Envy $10.00
Panache Strapless 5210 (padded) $5.00
Panache Jasmine $10.00
Wacoal Retro Chic $5.00

Let's get the photos rolling with (my precious) Empreinte and a couple of NWT items:

Empreinte Lola (in Blush):

See post here for a review. Although this was purchased in the same size as my black version (which I also posted about), it was always smaller in the back than the black. That's the sad potentiality of different dye lots. Alas, since I bought it via the UK, there was no option to try it on first...

I'm just gonna say, it's so beautiful I can scarcely believe I'm selling it, even if I am never going to wear it again... Worn twice with an extender, before accepting it was a no-go.

Who's this for? Someone who's always wanted to try Empreinte but can't find it locally or can't afford to spend the bucks. It's effectively a wardrobe neutral. Doesn't show under top unless it's very thin and very tight.

Empreinte Kaela

Posted about this one here (includes more pics)... This is a soft-cup molded bra that provides a very rounded shape. It's beautiful but, alas, too shallow for me. Don't get me wrong, it's not a shallow bra in the scheme of things, it's just shallow by Empreinte standards - and by the standards of my very projected needs. The pattern reminds me of a breeze on a lake. Also counts towards wardrobe neutral.

Cleo by Panache - Meg

What can I say about this one? It's a gorgeous bra - totally boobs on a plate and extremely supportive. But it's very strangely sized. This fits one size larger than you'd imagine, in the cup, and one size smaller in the band. Good for very full on top breasts. See these posts on the bra and fit...

Cleo Neve

This was purchased for my daughter but it just didn't work on her. It's quite shallow and wide in the wires. It's a true plunge and would work well for someone with tall roots or upper cup fullness, IMO. Good for young breasts. Very pretty shade of coral, lightly padded.

So there you go, Batch 1. Next up, we'll talk about some Freyas...

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  1. There are going to be some very happy ladies out there! And you've got room for lovely new skimpies! Win!