Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Bra Sale / Give-Away: How it Works

The next time I get even the slightest bit snitty about people and their out-of-control collections, remind me that I spent an entire day yesterday coming to terms with the fact that I have 29 bras to redeploy. Yeah, you read that right. My little bra sale is basically a store's-worth of merchandise - fucking awesome merchandise - albeit in a fairly narrow size range.

This post is to give you a sense of my proposed process. Next post will provide details on the brands and styles on offer, including "pricing". My goal is to show photos and to link you to any posts I've written on the bras in question.

Note that I am happy to simply give away 10 of the 28 bras - not because they aren't in good shape (I wouldn't ship anything in less than good shape) but because it's fun to get free stuff, don't you agree? My preference is to provide the freebies to people who are already purchasing at least one other bra but, if your boobs are in need and you don't have disposable income, get in touch. This is about bras finding great homes...

FYI, in some instances the bras retain their style/laundry labels (on bra band) but, because I hate the feel of tags, in some instances, the label has been removed. Needless to say, I can vouch for the pedigree and size of all bras, but if style labels are important to you, let me know.

As I've mentioned on a few occasions, I'm not prepared to offer up my bra size for the pleasure of the interwebs - I have workmates who read my blog (not to mention that I'm old-school). What I will say is that the bras on offer span 28 - 32 band size and the majority are 30s or 32s. I'll also say that these bras, in general, suit a full bust measurement that is 37 - 39". If you think we're in the same size range, and you're interested, email me and I'll give you all the deets.

The Process:
  • I'll post info about the bras available, including pricing. In general these will be free, 5 bucks or 10 bucks. There will be 2 exceptions: I've got 2, frankly spectacular, Empreinte bras - each worn twice - to sell at a price that will be significantly higher, tbd. I've also got 2 bras that are new, with factory tags (aka never worn) and those will be listed at 15 bucks each. For what it's worth, my pricing system is 10 bucks for bras in new condition (worn fewer than 5 times and often not more than twice, simply to verify that they weren't for me), 5 bucks for those with slightly more wear and free for those that are discontinued / from many seasons ago (note that these are some of the cutest). It goes without saying that none of these show signs of wear. When you have as many bras as I do, it's tricky to wear anything more than 5-10 times, unless it goes into regular rotation (and those I wouldn't re-sell).
  • If you like anything, please email me at kristinm100 at yahoo dot ca. This is when we can chat at length about any bra that appeals. Y'all know that's my fave thing to do. So, if you want to know specific size, how it fits, wire-width, what root it would best suit, how the band stretches in comparison with other brands or anything else, get in touch! I'm here to help you find the right bra.
  • If you'd like to buy, I'll calculate the shipping and let you know how much extra that will be. Note: If you live in a large city in US or UK, it'll be around 8-10 bucks (NO tracking, cheapest method). If you're on another continent, in Canada (absurdly) or in the middle of nowhere, the price is likely to go up to around 15 bucks. If you want tracking, that's cool, but it will cost extra. If you purchase and the parcel goes missing, alas, I cannot bear responsibility. It generally takes 2 weeks for things to get from here to there. No returns, thanks.
  • I'll email you the total fee and request payment by PayPal. Once I receive the payment (all in CDN funds, btw), I'll mail your fab little parcel.
So that's that. Please stay tuned for more on this and, of course, if you have any questions - comment (or email) away!

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