Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Bra Sale: Final Batch and Progress Report

Oh Ehm Gee, people. I suspected that many of you are confirmed bra nuts (crazy for a good deal), but man - you exceeded my suspicions :-) I must say, to all of you who have emailed to inquire about the bra sale (and there are MANY of you), I am so thrilled to have had a chance to chat with you and, in some cases, to match you with your newest bra(s). It's times like these that I'm reminded that community is all about communication - about shared interests and connecting. You are such a delightful group of people and I'm grateful for your readership.

But on to the update portion of the post. Here's what remains to be matched with new homes:
  • Cleo Neve - photographed here (15.00, new with tags)
  • Freya - Rio (5.00)
  • Wacoal - Retro Chic (5.00)
  • Empreinte - Lily Rose (Taken)
  • Fantasie Bella (Taken)
  • Freya Millie (Taken)
  • Panache Tango

Most of the bras, shown above, are in different sizes - and many of them were originally listed as free - to be given away with purchase. Alas, a freebie can no longer be parceled with a purchase, cuz the sizes are all over the map. Moreover, every freebie would need to be mailed to a different new owner, what with this utter variety of sizes.

Here's the thing, it appears that - while I'm altruistic enough to give away bras for free - I'm not quite altruistic enough to give away bras for free and go to the post office. What can I say? We all have our limits. Truth is, it takes a lot of time and energy - two things about which I should be discretionary.

So, what I propose to do with the sale, going forward is this:
  • The items that are for sale (not free) will continue to be listed, as is. No changes.
  • The items originally listed for free (the ones above with no prices) will now be 5 dollars, each, not because I've rescinded my original intent (which was always to parcel with purchase) but because I just cannot get inspired to go to the post office, potentially numerous times, without the motivation of a token payment.
One other thing - the sale will run till this Friday, at which point, anything that hasn't been sold will go in the special bra drawer to resurface during the next sale event. Why not keep it short an sweet, I say!

Till then, if any of the bras above appeal, do drop me a line and we can discuss sizing.


  1. Can you tell me what size are the bras. I am a 32j and am trying desperately to find "inexpensive" and $5.00 can't be passed up.
    Please reply.

  2. Hi There: This sale ended in March (as subsequent posts indicate). FYI, my size range is not 32J so it wouldn't have worked out...