Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning (But Not the Boring Kind)

Spring fever is alive and well. While it's cold (or cold as fuck, depending on the day), it's sunny more and more and the very earliest signs of the new season are here. I cannot tell you what this has done for my levels of energy.

Of course, if it's spring it's time to divest myself of that which no longer works in my wardrobe (hello, bra sale), to wash all the lingerie - whether it needs it or no - and to replenish the stock.

I'd like to tell you that I've learned some restraint, having recently said good bye to 25 bras (4, of the original 29, are put away for the next sale) but I've used the last week to fill some holes (if we could term them as such):
  • New Empreinte undies (online) - for daisy but with the inverse pattern (beige on cream) - I'm going a bit crazy on the pattern non-matching, by my standards.
  • Undies to match my Freya Nadine (Let's tell it straight: I've outgrown the ones I originally purchased and I will not wear a floral bra without matching bottoms.)
  • New Avocado Essentia set- people, so exciting! Deep and narrow holy grail, Avocado (from Poland) has finally got a direct, online shopping scenario worked out for foreigners. I'll talk more about this when my stuff arrives - but you pay in Euros (ugh for Canadians). This set was about 100 bucks CDN which, if it works, will be a steal compared to the horrifying cost of Empreinte. And this style has 3 hooks and eyes!
  • New Avocado Mirabelle set, also about 100 bucks CDN. What? I was ordering so I decided to do extra research. Like I said, I'm going to go into great detail on this, once I get my package, but in the meanwhile, read what Miss Underpinnings has said about the brand (link to an index since she's done more to inform us about the Polish brands than any other blogger). Not surprising that her breasts are full, narrow and with much centre cup projection. The shapes of these bras are completely aligned with my needs and I've heard that the quality is excellent. So I'm vaguely hopeful.
Once I get these, I'll be at 14 sets of basics (black or beige). I'll talk about fashion sets another time...

IMO, that's a totally reasonable number. It's enough to manage any wardrobe dressing need, any size fluctuation, any need for a strap of a certain tension. It gives me sexy options, seam-free options, highly projected (and slightly less so) options.

I've discovered, as I put in all of my bra measurements in Bratabase (you know, to benefit the hive mind), that I buy bras having practically EXACTLY the same measurements every single time I purchase. If it fits, chances are it will:
  • Stretch comfortably to 32-34 inches in the band
  • Have a depth of 11-11.5 inches
  • Have a wire length of 11-12 inches
  • Have strap width of 0.8 inches
  • Have a gore height of 3-3.5 inches
  • Have a wing height of 4 inches
  • Have 3 hooks and eyes (if at all possible)
In fact, of my current crop of basics - 9 sets in the drawer before the newbies arrive, 6 sets have 3 hooks and eyes. I am such a fan of this feature, I cannot begin to tell you. For heavy breasts, soft breasts, mature breasts (experiencing the impact of gravity), nursing breasts, people with back pain - three hooks and eyes are a god-send.

My next post will show you photos of all of my basic bras (individually and as batches - beige or black). My intention is to link you to my previous reviews of the bras I'm currently wearing, in instances where I have already reviewed them, or to give you some feedback on my rationale for continuing to keep these styles in my wardrobe.

So, today's questions: Have you tried Avocado and, if yes, what was your experience?? What do you think of the idea of having 14 sets of neutrals? Does it seem insane, smart, somewhere in between? If you've used Bratabase (and - though it's a pain in the ass - I recommend it highly. Not only will it help everyone else you know it will help you too), what measurements do you continue to repeat? Or are you all over the map? Let's talk!

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