Monday, March 16, 2015

The Bra Sale: Batch 2

Oh, peeps. Where to begin? I have so much to tell you: For starters, I got a new Empreinte today (What, 28 out, one a few in - it works!) Gonna do a post on it asap, but it may take a few days cuz I also want to tell you about muslin 3 of McCall's 6844 and how I'm going to make still more changes (but trust me, it's all good - most fun I've had sewing in ages!) Did I tell you about my idea to post all about the bras I'm keeping - the ones in my current rotation? Turns out everyone wants to hear about that! Then there's uploading all the photos for the Bra Sale. Wow - y'all are a bra-loving bunch. Thanks so much for your excellent questions and emails. I so enjoy "meeting" you.

I know a number of peeps are waiting on pics so here goes (I'm going to be light on text, for like, the first time in my life, or I'm never going to get through all the things!).  Please see this post for the way the sale works, and this post for list of inventory and pricing.

In no particular order...

Fantasie Helena
Man, I just can't stop myself with the words! This is in brand new condition and it's LUXE seeming. Does fit breasts that are wider set than mine. Quite supportive and I'm sure it has a lot of life in it.

Cleo Bella
OK, this one has a very firm band. It fits upper cup fullness excellently and it's very deep. Beautiful colour scheme. Just to snug in the back for my liking given my current pain issues. Undies readily available online (eBay, for example), in case you want a set.

Freya Arabella
By contrast, this one has a rather stretchy band for size. This is a gorgeous, sexy plunge and a serious bargain, if I do say so myself. They recently discontinued the style, but undies are still available on eBay and at stores, in volume.

Freya Tamsin
I don't know how many ways to express my love for this bra. It's just become a bit to snug in the cups, for my liking. People, it's got embroidered cherries and zebra print. That is all.

Fantasie Smoothing Balconette - 4520
So this is the molded, soft cup version of the Smoothing Balconette - not the spacer fabric version. See how the cups don't hold themselves in shape? This is a bra about which I've written so many times - and purchase in so many sizes. It's my staple T shirt bra, lo this last decade. It is a bit of a tricky fit for some - though it's very deep for a seamless bra and very supportive - and comfortable! If you have no upper cup fullness or your breasts are of 2 notably different sizes, it's probably not the one for you. On the plus side - I have 3 of these, in different sizes (all like new). So ask away!

Freya Tabitha
I bought this bra cuz everyone else liked it. I know. Crazy. It's a nice Freya and it's in very good shape. It also gives a very good (and not-noticeable) shape under t shirts.

Fantasie Samantha
This has never been worn because I never wear strapless bras (or things that require them). I'd keep it (never know when you're going to need this kind of wardrobe basic) but the cups are a bit to small for me these days. It's beautifully constructed, DEEP, non-molded and luxe. I'd definitely buy it one size up to have when needed.

Panache Jasmine
This bra is the Holy Grail for a lot of women. It's deep, the cups aren't too wide (or too narrow), it's firm, it gives gorgeous decollete. I like it, but I don't love it. And as such, I don't wear it. But if it works for you (or if you want to give it a try), this is a steal. Undies readily available online - so if you want a set, you'll have that option.

Freya Nina
Do look this one up in my archives. I went to GREAT lengths to procure this one in the right size. It's just stunning. Alas, it never really fit me the way I wanted it too - just a smidge of shape mismatch. But it really is a looker of a bra.

Email with any questions. K

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  1. These are all luxuriously cool! You have an art gallery in your dresser drawer :-).