Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweater Girl

Imagine my dismay that these photos, perfect on the camera and once downloaded, seem so grainy and weird on the blog. I have no idea what's going on...

Nonetheless, they're photos of me wearing - not one - but 2 of my handmade items! I think that's a record.

I should mention it's about 5000 degrees Celsius today, so wearing a wool sweater outside, albeit one with short sleeves and holes?!, was sheer torture. The things I do for my art...

The skirt is the one I sewed for my sister - the one that didn't work on her. My gain, in retrospect. It's a versatile wardrobe piece.

This shot captures the trademarked WendyB pose - legs crossed and hands on hips. I've been meaning to do it forever...

The glare was outrageous. Practically every shot without the sunglasses shows me squinting, or with my eyes closed!

The sweater is, of course, the Jan, a vintage splendor which will soon be available in A Stitch in Time: Volume 2.

My final thoughts on the garment are these:
  • Tits ahoy! It's a beautiful design, but not one that's perfectly suited to my shape. It really emphasizes my short waist and blouses at just the area I try to nip in, to highlight my hourglass silhouette. The boatneck is also a challenge given the width of my shoulders combined with a large chest. I knew this going in and I was inspired to knit the sweater nonetheless.
  • Um, it's a short sleeved sweater with holes. Not the most practical design. But you can't see a nude bra underneath, for what it's worth.
  • It fits large, especially in the shoulders. I actually had to take in the boatneck by 2.5 inches on each side. At first, it just fell off my shoulders. Admittedly, mine are narrow.
  • I have long arms and I usually avoid sleeves that end right at the bust height, or it simply emphasizes the width and depth of the chest zone. As such, I lengthened the sleeves by 1 inch on each side. In retrospect, adding another .5 - 1 inch would have been better, but this length is fine.
  • Talk about a painful learning experience. I came close to giving up, which is not something I do. But I'm so grateful for all the help I received from you, my wonderful knitting friends, and for everyone's ongoing support. It made all the difference.
  • I used 5 skeins of wool exactly - the amount the pattern instructed. Seriously, I didn't have more than one 6 inch string at the end. Very satisfying. Of course, I bought an extra skein and now I have no idea what to do with it.
  • It's well-knit, if I do say so myself. I am unreservedly proud of how it looks, inside and out. Which means, 2 for 2, I have been pleased with my knitting results. On balance, I am much happier with my knitting than my sewing. I wonder if that's because I'm delusional, knitting is easier or if I actually have more natural aptitude for it than sewing.
So, whatcha think?? PS: Unless you love it, lie. :-)


  1. It's a masterpiece!

    You look adorable in the WendyB pose and I LOVE your haircut.

    Well done, but I do hope you'll still do some sewing :-)

  2. I actually do love it! I think the fit is very flattering, and the subtle V down the front makes the whole "tits ahoy" thing much less noticeable. I didn't see any problem even when you pointed it out.

    I think you may just have more aptitude for knitting. I have tried to knit and ended up more frustrated than anything else, so I suspect it's an individual ability thing. Also, knitting (and crochet) can be ripped and redone somewhat easier than sewing so that part of making garments might be less aggravating for you.

  3. It's a great piece, and I love the color. But especially, I love your vintage pin-up poses!

  4. I was prepared to slather on the sympathy after seeing your Tweet earlier, but I love this on you!
    Very, very sweater girl -- and I agree with lazysub that the v minimizes the top-loading. Don't be surprised if Ravelry asks to move your photos to illustrate this pattern.
    And the photos look very decent on my screen.

  5. Stunning! And I agree with the above comments that the V minimizes the bust issue. Love the sweater-girl poses which are oh so appropriate to this sweater. Just makes you want to strut doesn't it?

  6. You look fabulous! First off, congrats on actually completing the sweater. As someone who can barely finish a scarf, I am in awe of the sheer amount of time and energy this must have taken. Plus it looks awesome. Love the hair/sweater/shoes/pics! Brava!

  7. It's beautiful! The colour and how it looks on you.

  8. Gorgeous! I love the chevron lines. I think I might have to get my mom to make me one ;-)

  9. Absolutely fabulous! You did a great job on this sweater.

    If I remember right isn't this only your second piece of knitting?

  10. I can't believe you made that! I think it's gorgeous and very flattering. Great photography too!

  11. See? Told you it would come out. :-) It looks great! :-)

    BTW, my word verification is "horider"....who comes up with these things anyway?!

  12. That looks fantastic! Job well done! It's making me want a yellow one too!

  13. Lordamercy. Who are you?!? Jessica Rabbit?!? The fit is excellent on you and the detailing is just marvelous.

  14. Really lovely sweater - love the chevron pattern, and it's so nice on you, glad you didn't give up and you should be very proud! (not lying either, hehe!)

  15. Brava! You did a wonderful job, and it fits beautifully...*very* impressed! PS: I am "gifted" with a large chest and narrow shoulders, and if you should decide to pursue your promising knitting career, you may want to look into short-rowing which enables you to put bust darts into sweaters.

  16. Susan: Why thank you! Just got my hair redone this week :-)

    LSCG: Now that I think about it, the chevron thing really does mitigate the challenge. But I still feel quite, um, out there. :-) I agree that being able to rip out the stitches and no cutting makes a big psychological difference.

    Une femme: Merci!

    Frances: You flatter me excessively. Not that I'm going to try to stop you :-) THank you so much!!

    Mardel: What can I say, the sweater brings out the Hollywood starlet in me! Thank you!

    Andrea: Thank you. As you know, this thing tried every ounce of patience I don't have. So I'm proud that I didn't chuck it all in the garbage.

    Raven: Why thank you! I love the colour too...

    Kim: Get her to make me another while she's at it :-)

    Debbie: You remember correctly. Insane undertaking, on reflection, but I'm glad I gave it my all...

    Carla: Thank you.

    Peter: My husband, the photog, thanks you! In truth, I can't believe I made it either.

    CGC: You did tell me! I relied on that advice :-)

    Gail: At this point, you could whip it up in no time. And you have been so instrumental in the completion of this thing. I appreciate it so much.

    Ray: I love this comment! Thank you, my dear!

    Sherry: I believe you!! And thank you.

    Anon: Thanks so much and I'm totally going to look into the short rowing idea... Fab info.

  17. LOVE it! I am amazed that this was only the second sweater you've ever knitted. You're already a pro!

  18. What a pretty sweater - you did an amazing job!

  19. Wow, aren't you a bombshell! Perhaps in hindsight you could've shortened the body, but I think your belt does exactly what's needed (a wide belt would be great, too).

    Also, yes, what a sacrifice---I've been cringing at the temperatures you guys are getting!

  20. Beautiful work! It looks fantastic. LOVE the colour.

  21. It really did turn out wonderfully; the knitting is very professional looking and I think the sweater looks great on you. I applaud your tenacity in seeing the project through!

  22. This turned out so nice. Love it. I may have to make one for myself.

  23. WOW, it all I can say. It's gorgeous!

    Slightly worried to find out pattern runs big. Guessing it's the same with all the patterns and I am quite petite with hardly any boobs. I'll see how I get on with my cardi.

  24. I remember the beginning of this piece... just a little eyelet patterned swatch. AMAZING. I'm so impressed by this. Knitting is a skill and a craft that is not easy to master and you have done it in record time.

  25. love the sweater, hair, belt, bombshell posing and peeks into your yard! More! More!

  26. You look fantastic!!! Love your sweater! The color and fit are superb!

  27. Couture: I may, however, have shortened my life by a number of months :-)

    Farah: Thank you!

    Shannon: Thank you!

    T: I think the belt does the trick. I've worn it a number of times this way and it wears well...

    Ms. M: Thank you - it's Powdered Egg colour! Ha, like custard.

    Audi: Thank you. I'm so glad this actually worked out.

    Andrea: Do it!!

    Suzy: Remember, I had so many things going on, I could have stretched out the wool all to hell...

    Stacy: xo

    Patty: Oh, the yard is my fave part!

    Victoria: Merci, lady...