Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photographic Evidence

If you live in Toronto, you might read BlogTO, an online magazine, predominantly for residents, to give us the scoop on things like where to get the best charcuterie and what's happening on any particular day.

I've been following this blog practically since it started and, I have to say, the pool of photographers is impressive - and becoming more so all the time. It's rare I see photos that compel me more than those I've found on the site, and you know I dwell on hundreds of pics a day as I scout my 150-plus blogs.

To wit:

Photo by Neil Ta

You should really check out the post itself - or the feed - cuz the photo seems to be sharper on those sites, for some reason...


  1. I live in Toronto, but so far I've limited my blog reading to sewing/knitting blogs. Thanks for the tip on Blog T.O. - must go check it out.

  2. Thanks all for commenting...

    Andrea - Let me know what you think of it...