Monday, July 18, 2011

Block Party

In case you think I've been wasting my time on genealogy (peeps, it's my new obsession), I have finished the pieces of the Jan Sweater, which I immersion wet blocked this evening.


These are the washed pieces of wool, pinned out to dry in shape. Note: Wet wool smells hideous.

I know these photos aren't much to look at but I sense that the pieces are going to be very soft and lovely when they dry.

While blocking the wet pieces, I really did notice differences in tension between each side (front and back) and each sleeve but I think, once blocked, the differences will not be visible in the finished product.

And I'm really glad, at least on paper, that I didn't make the medium. These pieces are larger than the dimensions predicted on the schematic. I know that wet wool really stretches out (and then seems to dry just fine) but the difference between the finished dimensions and the measurements of my finished wet pieces is significant in all directions. The reason I didn't pin more was because I didn't want to increase surface area unnecessarily.

Tomorrow I begin the sew up. Last time I assumed that would be the easy part - and it was a real trial. Maybe I've learned a bit from that? It will be less sewing of this garment than of the kimono wrap, because there aren't facings to deal with, the sleeves are shorter, and there are fewer pieces. Still, can't get too cocky... I'm not exactly an expert.


  1. Very nice! Can't wait to see it all assembled!!!

  2. These look really good! (not that I know anything, mind you.)

    Genealogy is such a guilty, self-indulgent pleasure, isn't it? My mom's very into it, which lets me pretend that I don't care too much, but I find it disturbingly fascinating to know that I had ancestors who lost their land in NY for being on the wrong side of the American Revolution, or that my husband's a descendant of Cuthbert Grand.

  3. Looking great! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Also: as far as yarn is concerned, if you think wool smells bad, try wet blocking silk. So yucky!

  4. This is going to be lovely. I had to laugh at the wet wool comment. I brought back a nice and thick wool rug from Peru a few years ago and promptly proceeded to spill a mug of tea on it by accident. My husband couldn't stand being in the same room as a stinky wet wool rug.

  5. I'm with Tanit-Isis, I don't know anything about knitting, but the pieces look like they are going to make a beautiful sweater! :-)

  6. Great progress -- not surprising that tension would change a bit as you relax into knowing the pattern, especially on a very first lace piece, and especially when that lace garment is only your Second. Knitted. Garment. EVER!!! Can't wait to see this finished and modelled.

  7. It's looking good so far -- congratulations!

  8. Wet wool does smell awful. But your crafting is shocking. I tend to to throw myself into stuff half heartedly an you . . . you really pour time and thought into it. Keep it up. Maybe one day I'll get with the program :)

  9. I think it looks great and it will be even better when it's sewn up and you're wearing it!

    You are tempting me to pick up my needles even with ct syndrome.


  10. I love the Jan sweater! Can't wait to see what yours looks like.

  11. That's fantastic - I too go from one obsession to another, thankfully coming back to sewing:)

  12. Thank you everyone, for your comments here - sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

    T: I love the family tree! I have fallen off the wagon a bit, cuz other priorities have taken over. I'm going to need to find myself a genealogist to help me with my next steps.

    Aja: You have so many other pursuits calling for you now. Wait till you're 40.

    Christine: Hope your wrists are ok...

    Pammie: Good to be well rounded in your obsessiveness. :-)