Thursday, July 7, 2011

Something I've Been Doing

What do you do when you don't have energy to blog, sew or knit? Well (duh), if you're me, you shop.

Can't say that's excellent for the cost saving, but I've bought so little in the last year, I'm indulging that druggy comfortable feeling that comes with the activity.

Thing is, I can't show you internet photos of my gorgeous new McCardell-esque, navy sleeveless shirt dress - fitted in the waist, button-down, circle-skirted in a kind of mystery fabric (cotton and elastane) that works like mega-crisp, sticky-outy lawn, cuz the people who run the substandard Club Monaco website post about 20 items a season (nothing on Google Images either...). And there's just no way I'm motivated to stage a photo till this weekend at the earliest.

Then there are my fantastic new shoes by Sweet de Pindiere, which I also can't show you because that site sucks too. Not to mention that it took me a full hour even to locate the site in the first place, never mind finding a shot of my new, conical-low-heeled taupe sandles with mother of pearl disks covering the centre strap. They are very rich, and perfect with the dress.

Furthermore, I purchased a belt at Cole Haan that looks more like this than any of the others I could find on that site:

...only mine's black. Kinda misleading and boring (esp. as you can't even see the real thing - thanks, website) but my other black leather skinny lady belt was literally falling apart after 12 years.

I realize I could take all the shots with my nice camera all by myself. But is it so wrong to feel ripped off that the web isn't supporting me in my marketing efforts?

The belt was on sale for $40.00 (from $79.00). Given that belts seem to last 12 years, this is a pretty good cost per wear scenario, not to mention that the Bloor Street (Canadian) flagship is a very elegant store - as much a lady-shopping experience as anything else.

The shoes, bought in the 'hood at Balisi after Friday night dinner, were 20% off and came in under $125.00.

Where I (vaguely) went off the rails - at least by my own "make it yourself or, for God's sake, buy it on mega-sale" standard - was on the dress purchase. I bought that puppy for full price - $200.00 - which is somewhat out of my high-street comfort zone (esp. since, were I to wait 6 weeks, it's very possible that the price will drop). However, in 6 weeks, it won't have much wear-time left before the fall - and it's such a great piece (truly well-tailored) that I'm pretty sure - and I rarely make such predictions - it isn't going to make it to the sale rack.

Does it really matter that I need another summer dress like a hole in the head?


  1. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for giving me some advice on accessories.
    I bet you will enjoy your new summer dress!

  2. If they can't be bothered to market their products properly, you almost shouldn't do it for them on principle ;). Unless it's fun, of course.

    I tried to shop this past weekend. I needed sandals. I made the mistake of taking the Man. We went to every shoe-store in Chinook Mall (which is The Big One out here), I finally found one pair of gladiator sandals I was willing to try on, and the hubby got his heart set on another pair (for me) that cost twice as much and didn't look as nice. We sat there arguing for almost half an hour (poor salesgirl), and finally left empty-handed. I could just about justify spending $170 on a pair of sandals I know I'd wear like crazy (especially since I haven't bought sandals in at least four years), but not on a pair I don't like. /sigh. I need more girls to shop with.

  3. I love the Cole Haan Bloor Street store. The last couple of years I seem to gravitate to it when shopping for shoes/boots. Somehow I have a hard time going back to a lot of the lower-end shoe stores as I find their shoes comfortable and worth the money. Plus, they often have great seasonal sales.

    Do you find that as you creep upwards in terms of quality and toward higher-priced items that it's hard to go back? I "splurged" on a pair of Tod's flat leather sandals at Holt's this summer. Even though they were half price, for me it was a lot to spend on summer sandals. BUT, they are so classic and in a beautiful vachetta (sic?) leather that I know I'll wear them for years. With that in mind, I took them to the cobbler to get rubber soles put on so they last longer. The leather soles are beauties but the way I walk around town, probably wouldn't last more than a a couple of weeks! So, compared to the Nine West gladiators that lasted only one summer, higher pays off in the long run - I hope!

  4. Robin: I know you're about to find your accessories groove!

    T: You really get me :-) And I am so sorry to hear your tale of sandal buying. NEVER go with the husband. They always like the hooker shoes.

    Anon: It really is a lovely experience. Here's my thing with shoes. I am SO hard on them (walking everywhere) that I'm reluctant to spend too much. No pair lasts more than 2 or 3 seasons. Having said this, I'm getting on the pricey boot bandwagon. My La Canadienne shearling ones were over 300 bucks and I do not regret it one bit. On the topic of the Nine Wests, they really do only last a season.

  5. Forget about website pix, let's see you modeling everything!