Sunday, July 31, 2011

Greetings From Amsterdam

Think of this as a postcard from the Lowlands. We just arrived but so far it's been eventful.

In brief:
  • Anyone who can sleep in steerage class on a plane is either lying or freakish. Oy. Almost makes me wish I'd spent 4K on business class.
  • Mind you, we were from door to door in 10 hours - which is entirely amazing if you think about it.
  • Also, can anyone tell me how they manage to deboard a 350-person flight in less time than it takes to do an American Airlines commuter plane?
  • Jet lag is really something. I'm eating my way through it.
  • Y'all know how I don't care about bread? Well, the bread here is like nothing you've ever tasted. OMG - so perfect. And the butter is cultured. Scott says, just like me:-)
  • So many people told me the food here is mediocre. I haven't tasted anything yet that hasn't been delicious, in a full-fat, voluptuous way. Mind you, I'm going to great restaurants that cost a fortune. What can you do?
  • It's freakin' November here. People are wearing coats. I had to buy a jacket (stupidly) cuz I somehow couldn't accept that it would be 13 degrees and overcast. It's seriously cold.
  • The Amsterdamers remind me strangely of Torontonians. In fact, it's bizarre. When I arrived at the airport, it seemed I was back in Canada. In a very appealing way.
  • The fashion: Utterly chic. Totally down-tempo. These peeps are dressing for the weather which, sadly, is a bitch. But a moody, impressionist bitch.
Will continue to communicate but I don't know if I' going to be able to get photos from the camera to the computer. I'm using an in-room Mac and everything is weird. I'm hopeful though, when jet lag abates, I'll have the wherewithal to figure it out - here's hoping I brought the right cables.

Kisses, K


  1. Welcome to the Netherlands. It is like fall here indeed (#^$%%$^), but next week will be so much better! Are you going to pay a vistit to Kantje Boord, THE lingerie materials store? Enjoy your time here!

  2. Yay, you're there! Have to agree with you that jet lag is a bitch, that sleeping in economy impossible, but door-to-door in 10, very nice. Thanks for thinking of us so soon with a post -- I look forward to hearing more. Now go, enjoy Amsterdam . . .

  3. Have a great trip! I always wanted to go when to Amsterdam. Well, I was there for one day when I was 7; but I'm not counting that.

  4. Ooh, how exciting! I agree, people who can sleep in coach are either drugged or freaks of nature.

    For jetlag: Tea. Black tea. Oolong if you can get it. I SWEAR by this.

  5. How exciting!!! Enjoy your time away!!!!

  6. Kisses back! Have a beautiful trip.

  7. I've always thought the Dutch are like perfect Canadians and I love the Netherlands! Have a great trip!

  8. Jos: It's my plan to go there on my way back (after Paris). Could you tell me what neighbourhood it's in?

    Thanks everyone for well wishes and remedies. I was doing so well, but things may have caught up with me a bit this aft...

  9. The address is BURGERMEESTER VAN LEEUWENLAAN 45-47 in Amsterdam. Open 10.00 - 15.00 hr Tuesday, Wednesday,Friday and Sarturday's 11.00-15.00. Tramline 13 from Central Station. The area is called Slotermeer.

    Have fun in Paris (I am jeaulous!!)

  10. Jos: After all of this, I never made it there - so much to do, so little time. Which is why I am committed to returning as soon as possible. Thank you for this information. I hope we can meet next time I'm in your country.