Sunday, July 24, 2011


Y'all have heard of Craftsy, no doubt, as Gertie has recently debuted her first session. It's an interactive, online learning environment. You take courses. Kind of like correspondence school for the hipster crowd.

While I haven't signed up to make the Bombshell (the dress just isn't practical for me given my lifestyle and body type), I know that Gertie's course will be the bomb. I have already done her Lady Gray sew along and it changed the trajectory of my sewing experience. Point is, go sign up.

On a related note, today the talented Myrna kindly sent me a link, for another Craftsy course on customizing knits called Fit Your Knit. Um, hello, who doesn't want to learn how to dart her knit sweaters for extra waist definition (the subject of one of my comments yesterday by Anon)??

I didn't even watch the preview before signing up. (The course is on sale from $60.00 to $35.00.) I've since watched the preview and it looks great. You know, the way I learn is by watching and reading and thinking and then asking questions once I've thought on things for a while. This learning forum is SO made for immersive, interactive learners such as me.

Has anyone here taken either of these courses yet, or any other on Craftsy? What do you think of the site and the offerings? Let's chat...

Update: If you follow this link, you can get the course for 30 bucks...


  1. It looks fantastic. I will probably sign up for one of the sewing classes, but obviously not the bombshell dress!

  2. I love love love Gertie's course. Like you, I wasn't too sure if the dress was something that I would even wear, but for 25 bucks (on sale at the time) I thought "why not?" It has been so worth it. She broke the dress down into pieces and showed the many different combos that could be made by just switching skirt styles or using the bodice as a top alone. Add to that many different hand sewing stitches and couture techniques, I think the class is worth it even if I never sew the dress. I'll still end up using the things she taught. And she is such a good teacher. Though I never completed her sew-alongs, I read though them, but there is just no comparison to watching her actually talk you though a skill as she shows you on the video. Best 25 bucks I've ever spent on sewing. :)

  3. It looks like a very effective platform - I love it! I signed up for Gertie's, although I don't expect to be sewing a bombshell dress any time soon. I wanted to see how it works and I am sold. You can ask questions, take notes, watch it when you like. And I agree, it is an easier way to learn when you can watch someone demonstrate & explain what they are doing.

  4. It looks like a great platform. I may sign up in the future, but too crazy right now.

    I was planning on teaching a class at my LYS in the winter on how to fit your knits including measuring, shaping and darts and working with different measurements including full busts, small backs, waists, and sway backs. Not going to do it now as I'll be moving.

  5. Susan: I hear you - but you know the less well endowed ladies tend to have a better time with fitted bodices and boning.

    Andrea: OK, you've convinced me! I'm going to sign up for Gertie's class too!

    Robin: So glad to hear that. The production values are very high and I really agree with the community concept.

    Mardel: Oh, too bad! I'm sure your class would be fantastic. But you can always teach in your new town. Good way to find yourself a new community.

  6. I can't believe I forgot to sign my short row post - it's Gail from California; I've posted a comment about machine knitting previously. Short-rowing is something that you read over and over and then suddenly the light bulb goes on.

    I taught myself to knit with the book "Knitting in Plain English" in the late 80s, and it's a gift I buy for all new knitters. (You can also short row for a slanted shoulder alteration - you end up with all "live" stitches on the needles when you're done, no "bumps"from casting off.)

    I use Garment Designer software to design sweaters; it has instant bust darts and body darts using a pull-down menu. You put in your gauge and the software does the calculations (and prints perfect sewing patterns). No affiliation, just a happy user. Cheers! Gail

  7. I also did the Lady Grey and it changed my sewing trajectory, too. So, I signed up for the Bombshell course because 1- I had just struggled through fitting a bodice top dress and thought it could help me for future versions and 2- I'm about to start work on a jumpsuit with a fitted bodice that requires boning. And I want to add a waist stay. So, I'm eager to see her techniques for those things.

    So far, I'm liking it and there's a lot of good info and techniques, whether you are making that specific dress or not. She really does use very sound and rather time consuming methods (like with Lady Grey there is just no cutting corners with her sewing - things get meticulously muslined, hand basted, etc.)

    My only complaint so far is that she does her fitting on a dress form. She explains how you can sort of do the same thing on yourself if you don't have one (I don't), but I foresee it being a bit challenging.

    Anyway, so far I give it two thumbs up.

  8. Gail: Keep on with your excellent comments. They've helped me to refine my nascent knitting experience. Thanks!

    Clio: It's interesting what you say about the dress form. I have one, as you may know, refined to fit my dimensions, but I rarely use it for fitting purposes. I haven't quite got the gist of it yet. I still fit from muslin to pattern (and the muslin goes on me for fitting). I think it may be a better way.