Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May or Meh??

I appear to be pulled, simultaneously, in 15 different metaphoric directions. I'm not loving the feeling.

The weather utterly sucks. If I were suicidal by nature, I'd be worried that nature was about to drive me to suicide. Weeks of rain. Scarves and gloves in mid-late May. Umbrella carcasses - tops dissected from their sticks - hover around every corner because wind storms pop up whenever. Now they're predicting a wet, colder-than-normal summer. I want to cry.

Work is very busy, keeping me late, bringing me in early.

I've got plans to go away for the long weekend with friends, which means I've got to get my ass ready to go away (and that of the kid). Right about now, that seems like a lot of effort (though I'm sure, if the weather ever clears, and when I find myself in a house with lots of good food, friends and drink, I may just revise this perspective).

I've been working for what seems like EVAH - though has technically been less than 3 weeks - on two time-dense projects:

  • The insanely fiddly jeans.

  • The sweater that's teaching me how to knit.
I wish I had something to show you other than 2 garments, 80% of the way there, but I don't, so I can't.

I'm trying to find the energy to complete them in the evenings, but after really long days - and action packed weekends - there's not a lot of sparkle left. Not to mention, I don't really know what I'm doing in either case, so none of the production is rote.

Then there's the guilt I feel for not commenting more on blog posts I love. And the meh that I feel for not having any of my own comments to respond to (because I haven't posted in a few days). Ah, that's a fun circle-addiction.All this is to say, I'm going to drop out for a few days. Probably a week. Unless, the minute I press Publish, all of a sudden I find myself needing to say things and time with which to say it.

I hope, when next we chat, I'll have at least some new item of clothing with which to regale you.


  1. I see your "meh" and raise you a "boo hoo"!

  2. I totally hear your frustration with the weather. This is rediculous. I get spring has more than it's fair share of rain, but Noah is going to show up pretty soon. Actually, he should make a stop in Manitoba any minute now.

    I think we all occasionally need breaks to recharge our batteries and interest. You're getting hit on a few fronts by the sounds of it.

    You'll feel better after a long weekend and some sunshine.

  3. Drop the guilt -- we understand. Our weather has been horrid as well, although this week it will finally hit 20 and perhaps stay there a day or two. Then it looks as if we're scheduled to head back into clouds and rain. If we hadn't had our trip away from it -- and if, like you, this grey wet cold followed months of cold and snow, I'd be flirting with suicidal as well.
    Hope the long weekend brings you some fun, good food, laughs, and maybe even a bit of sunshine. Take care!

  4. I feel ya! Blogs are addictive, but real life still takes precedence. Have a great May Long! ;)

  5. Aww dearie, make yourself go on the trip! I always second-guess those decisions....because I know I have too much to do and mistakenly think no one can live without me...but then I always go and have a fabulous time! You will return rested and ready for the next challenge, too.

    Long projects are a pain. I'm currently low on clothes and wondering if I should buckle down on my sewing or take the easy way out and go shopping. Trouble is, I never find anything shopping and it becomes a serious time suck. Hmm....

  6. Don't feel guilty and please take good care of yourself!

  7. Hiya - I really really hope you found the energy to get yourselves packed and go on a trip. You know, do what everyone above says and look after yourself. Hope you're having fun. Oh, and if you didn't go, then I hope you've found time to chill out and sew or knit etc. PS just found your blog and like it lots. :o)

  8. traveling with friends is the best way to recharge! it's been raining nonstop here in NYC and no sun in the forecast for another 4 days! ugh...

  9. We are drowning here in NYC. I can NOT be pale by the time June rolls around. Not acceptable :)