Friday, May 27, 2011

Pastel Perfection

Eeek! My Powdered Egg Excelana wool from the UK has arrived!

It's the very same wool used to construct the Jan Sweater:

Apparently, it's spun from the fleece of the Exmoor Blueface (whatever that is), which lives on the moors of North Devon. It's "a lustrous yarn with a soft handle, great stretch and excellent stitch definition". It's processed by one of the few worsted fibre processing and spinning plants still operation in the UK in conjunction with Susan Crawford, the genius behind the Stitch in Time series.

Talk about your awesome cross-promotion.

I haven't yet begun to knit with it, so I can only tell you how yummy it feels from on the skein. But you should know that I imported the very same wool used in the beautiful styled Jan Sweater shot, above, for about 30% less the cost of the wool I purchased in a local yarn store in TO ($45.00 vs. $65.00). I also got a discount for having pre-ordered A Stitch in Time, Volume 2, as yet to be published. You might recall that the only way to receive the Jan Sweater pattern - which isn't in either volume of A Stitch in Time - is to pre-order the second volume .

Money well spent, I say.

Update: I was mistaken (which is to say I must have misread) about the Jan pattern and its appearance within the second volume of A Stitch in Time. Apparently, it will be included. So feel free to wait for the book to come out. Or just go for it and pre-order now!


  1. Pretty, pretty yarn!!! Can't wait to see your creation.

  2. Knitting something with that yarn is also in my to knit list. Maybe the Jan Sweater too. But I thought the pattern mailout was just a preview and the pattern will be included on the book? It seems to say that in Ravelry project page. Confused much. Might have to run and get The Knitter to ensure I have pattern.

  3. Very pretty and I can just see that sweater in that yarn on you. And a good deal too.

    You know, last year, when the dollar/pound was more favorable, it was cheaper for me to order English yarn from England directly than to buy it in the US (and oddly enough often faster as well). And of course you had the promotion.

  4. Gorgeous yarn; I can't wait to see the completed sweater.


  5. Thanks everyone!

    Suzy: I just re-read the site and you are right. I have to update my post. Thanks...

    Mardel: It's amazing what deals can be had from UK.