Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Measure of A Woman

OK, not so long ago, someone posted about this bracelet:

I just can't remember who - sorry. And, so intrigued was I, that I went to to check it out.

I don't wear bracelets. I can barely manage rings and necklaces. And I'm not into brass. Like, at all. But this thing just spoke to me. I mean, curlicue measuring tapes are a big part of my life.

Deal is, I tried to buy it. I can count on one finger how many times I've seen something on a blog, clicked on the link and decided: I want to buy this right now. I went to purchase, only to discover it was sold out.

I cannot count on any fingers the number of times I've been even remotely interested in buying something online that, on trying to buy, I learned was Sold Out. Unless you include candy from Britain.

I searched other sites. It was sold out everywhere, inasmuch as everywhere routed me back to Modcloth (the original vendor). Uncharacteristically, I clicked on Modcloth's option to be notified if the item became available again. What the hell, I thought, it's not like that's ever going to happen. The thing about big sites, though (which I think Modcloth qualifies as, though, in truth, I've only visited once), is that they get restock. I don't know that I appreciate this feature...

Two hours ago I was notified that the bracelet is back in stock. The shipping is $18.00. High on drugs pricing, IMO. And yet, somehow, I just bought a vaguely mass produced, brass, expensive-to-deliver item of jewelry the likes of which I (heretofore) have never worn.

Talk about the power of symbolism.


  1. I love it and thanks for the notification! I too can barely make it out the door with a necklace on - rings are a luxury to wear - and earrings - I'm just not that organized but I think I can get behind a good bracelet . . . kinda of a sewing superwoman!

  2. For what it's worth, I love it too. And I don't wear brass or bracelets, either. Too bad it doesn't come in white metal...

    I love that it has the cm marked on the inside, too :D

  3. I so would have bought it for you and brought it to you in a few weeks if you hadn't purchased it, Kristin!

  4. R: Damn! I should have thought of that. I considered all my US angles but I forgot you're coming into town. Oh well, I'll wear it for our excursion.

    Taran: I know - sterling or even steel would have been good. But I still think this is very cool...

    Pammie: Was it you who did the original post?? Run off and buy while you can :-)

  5. There's something about the patina of this which makes it look like a real aged measuring tape..I await it to see it adorning you...

  6. Egad! This is so strange - I had a friend over tonight who focused on metal when she got her BFA and she was intrigued by my tape measure necklace (we were measuring and I had wrapped it a couple times around my neck) and she was talking about making a metal tape measure necklace! Crazy!

  7. Cute bracelet! I have an inexplicable love of jewellery that looks like 'things' - I found a manky bird's claw in the backyard the other day, and nearly convinced myself to keep it. You know, so the next time I have a vat of molten silver I can dip it in and make a pendant...

  8. If this came in silver or white gold, I'd already own it. Regardless of the fact that I am not a big bracelet wearer. ;-)

  9. Too good to resist. I bought one! Thank you for tempting me.

    And I also never wear bracelets, but have been thinking of a cuff or something similar.

    This one will be a conversation starter :-).

  10. LAP: There's something quite authentic seeming about it!

    Patty: That's just bizarre!

    Iris: Something tells me, if anyone's going to have a vat of molten silver lying around, it's you :-) Nice to see you again!

    CGC: Maybe you can get with it nonetheless??

    Susan: You are so impressionable! Let's see whose arrives first.

  11. I think I saw that on Fashion Incubator and really wanted it, then bethought myself. I saw it on your blog and reconsidered, but then I remembered that brass turns my skin green which is not at all attractive.

    It is pretty cool though.

  12. Mardel: It was on Fashion Incubator - that's right! BTW, it hasn't turned my skin green (didn't know that brass could do that).