Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kids These Days...

Today I've taken the day off work. No, it's not to knit (though days off are there to do with whatever one chooses, you know!). It's to go and see my child's French play at the absurd hour of 1 p.m. If I have time to knit before then, so be it.

When she awoke this morning, my child suggested that I wear something like "regular jeans and a black T shirt - an ordinary one". Over breakfast, she reminded me that it's a drab day, and darker colours are more suitable than bright ones on days such as these. While dressing, she came into my room and picked out the freakin' outfit she "sincerely hoped" I would wear.

WTF, people?! My daughter is embarrassed by me! You know, I could handle that if I were a hot mess in the fashion department, but really. People stop me on the street to compliment my ensembles!!

I'm half inclined to put on every colour of the rainbow and wear a wide-brimmed hat.

Update: Of course, I wore the boring outfit. The gratitude in her eyes was enough to justify it. And now I have all kinds of leverage when I want her to change her outfit. If only I could parlay it into argue-free showering.


  1. oh no! i think kids are just not into colour, perhaps. when i graduated from uni, i asked mum to wear ivory- can you believe it? and she wears bright colours, which she looks gorgeous in. i was silly.... enjoy your day off. so jealous. x shayma

  2. Do it. Don't let her quash your stylistic creativity!

    Although I find it hilarious that she "sincerely hoped" anything. How old is that young lady?

  3. Haha! I keep waiting for this moment with Tyo. Embarrassing your children is so much fun! Although maybe a heart-to-heart about why she's so uptight about it is in order...
    I don't know which way you should go---but let us know! :)

  4. "sincerely hoped", what a kicker! Well, yeah perhaps she just wants you to blend in to the anonymous background like all the other moms. Part of me says go for it, but today is about her, not you, perhaps she sometimes gets tired of having a stylish mom.

  5. "Sincerely hoped" bwahahahaha! So what did you end up wearing?

  6. Be the grown up, wear the outfit. In 2 years she will be imitating you in her foray for her own sTyle. This age is about conforming. xx

  7. No matter what we do, we embarrass them. So choose your battle, right?

  8. You should relish embarrassing children! That's what parents are for.

  9. Hilarious! Great story. I have to admit, I certainly enjoyed embarassing my daughter. Embarassment is mighty weapon, to be used wisely. (Sounds like you did).

    How adorable!

  10. What a story, loved it and had a good laugh :)
    A girl full of personality..... lol

    Hope all is great, dear

  11. Oh how I remember that stage. Good for you gaining some bargaining leverage!

  12. Shayma: The nerve :-) Yesterday really was a treat. But it's all status quo again today...

    Sal: She's an old lady young lady. And I caved to her wishes. But only because I didn't want to distract her French.

    Taran: You wait till it happens to you! It's all funny when it's happening to someone else :-)

    Mardel: Blend in I did. I was the drabbest one there!

    R: I wore the black and denim. On the most gorgeous day of the year.

    Lisa: Oh, I was most adult. But a little part of my soul withered. :-)

    Neighbourhood: Oh, I wore the drab - see above.

    Lisa: My kid was so good in the play, in the end. I was happy to let her shine. And gain the leverage on the flip side, natch.

    Wendy: Ordinarily, I embarrass her with the best of them :-)

    Robin: It's like magic...

    Seeker: She's all that. xo

    Susan: Aren't you happy to be at the grown up stage??