Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Word About Knitting and How I Am Insane

Darlings, talk about a horrible Blogger glitch. It was kind of like the apocalypse, but it did give me time to knit without feeling like I should be commenting on all of your awesome posts! It's like that working mother conundrum, just to make an extremely ridiculous comparison: When I'm blogging I want to be knitting. When knitting, I want to be blogging. I always want to be sewing. Strangely, the urge to parent rarely interferes with any of this. :-) Don't worry. The kid makes her needs known.

But this post is about my latest crazy knitting moment.

BTW, before we move on to the new let's do a quick review of the sweater I'm still currently working on. I've finished the back and fronts and I'm now on the sleeves. I don't intend to make the belt (I don't like it), so I'm nearing the blocking stage. Of course, every stage I near fills me with equal parts excitement and trepidation. I've talked with a bunch of long-time knitters, none of whom do complete immersion wet blocking. They feel that iron steam or spray bottle blocking has the same impact. I do want to hear your opinions pls... Oh, and don't think that I haven't considered posting photos of my current work. The thing is, it's really boring to look at a swatch of stockinette stitch. I am confident the finished product will be much more impressive.

OK, onto stories of crazy knitting (or simple craziness)...

I discovered, on Ravelry, that this sweater (which doesn't appear in either volume 1 or the soon-to-be-released volume 2 of A Stitch in Time) is being offered as an enticement to pre-order volume 2:

The Jan Sweater

OMG, really who could live without obtaining this pattern?? I spoke with the knitonthenet people who advised that pre-order of the second volume is non-negotiable for access to it (even if you just bought volume 1 two weeks ago).* Since I do intend to buy the book when it is released, it wasn't too painful to shell out the $53.00 now. And the Jan pattern arrived 5 seconds later!

This is my next project and I am so making it in yellow.

*FYI, there's a UK magazine called The Knitter which will apparently contain the pattern instructions in the next issue, to be released in a few days. I know I want the second volume of A Stitch in Time, so I don't feel like paying $20.00 for the mag now, only to buy the book later. Esp. since the Jan pattern is mine either way. Having said that, you might want to go from the mag.


  1. Sure, why not have your very second sweater incorporate lacework? Don't all knitters do that?
    Seriously, you crack me up. That said, I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job and will love your sweater. For my short-waisted self, this would be an absolute disaster.
    Have fun! You're one of us now, mwahahaha

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  3. It is a gorgeous sweater, isn't it? I also pre-ordered Vol 2 and can't wait to see what's inside :)

  4. You are amazing! I have no time to knit although I'd love to learn!!! Unfortunately, it's behind the "learn to play guitar" item on my lifetime "to do" list!

  5. I've always used some combo of steam, wet clothes, etc. I've never done full immersion - it sounds like a mess!

    That sweater is super awesome! Can't wait to see what you're working on... knitting doesn't really provide good blog photo-fodder 'till you're done, does it??!!

  6. I full immersion wet block everything. My question for those who dont is: how do they launder their garments? After being hauled around with me for months, being brought into the stink of coffee shops for knit groups and whatnot... that shiz needs a wash. Just my opinion, of course.

    The trick is just to avoid over-handling (and stretching) the wet garment. Gently squeeze by hand, and then roll up in a thick towel to press the water out. For small items I use a salad spinner first.

    (I'm sure steam blocking works comparably in terms of the efffect on the fit/drape of the fabric, though. Not sure if it would even out tension/stitches as well as a wet block? Never paid enough attention to that to say for sure.)

  7. You better not bring your knitting with you when we have drinks in TO next month, Kristin!

  8. I always wet block knits, just like I prewash all fabrics.

  9. F: They said it was EASY! (I was a bit concerned but my lust won out.)

    Suzy: Do you think you'll make the Jan?

    Pammie: If I waited till I learned to play guitar it would be till all eternity before I got to anything else :-)

    Patty: It really doesn't! It's like "Look at my stitches, again and again and again..."

    Ms M: I'm really only knitting at home so far. And I don't feel anything's getting dirty yet, but I hear what you're saying. I love everyone's opinion on the wet block. Of course, we'll just have to see what I do when the time comes.

    R: I promise! My attention is all yours :-)

    Alexandra: OK, good parallel. Still thinking so thanks for your feedback.

  10. That was a huge, huge outage for Blogger...which is really Google.

  11. I'll admit that I'm also one to wash all my RTW garments before wearing as well, because I'm skeptical about the residues of chemicals/dyes from production. Like Alexandra said above, I sort of think of it like pre-washing fabric (which I also do for those reasons, not just pre-shrinking) - except pre-washing a ball of yarn seems way too difficult. (Although, there are people who do that and swear by it!)

  12. Oh My God! You;re knitting too!
    Mark Lash -beware!!!!!

  13. Holy cow. That is some sweater! You are a patient lady. BTW, you crack me up too! Love reading your stuff.

  14. W: It's still kind of wonky, IMO.

    Ms. M: That seems insane!

    Jet: I'm a full-service craft operation :-)

    Stacy xo