Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Victorian Perfection via Desire to Inspire

Living in a Victorian home, as I do, you know I absolutely appreciate the architectural style.

This specimen is particularly spectacular - if only because it's more than 15 feet wide! True to form, I LOVE the 3/4 bay window and the interior minimalism.

On a side note, I find it totally hilarious that my kid refers to everything in metric i.e. "Mummy, today I was standing 3 metres away from Jonah when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye..."


  1. I don't live in a Victorian Home, but I love the architectural style. I also love the combination of the Victorian with the modern, the layers of cultural references are really appealing.

  2. Your kid is very precise!

    I have no sense of distance in feet or meters!

  3. It feels so light, open and spacious. Those are not qualities I associate with Victorians.

    Your daughter is hilarious and smart and ^^^^precise.

  4. Ha! When I slipped and asked for "half a pound" of our favourite loose tea, the (young!) SA asked if I was American. When I wondered what gave her that impression, she cited my use of a non-metric term. Oh that, I had to answered, that's not nationality, it's just age!!
    How quickly they forget . . .
    (and I'll add hastily that I do realize you're much younger than I am)

  5. Mardel: That's what I love most about it.

    Wendy: All these modern kids are like that.

    Bel: Interesting that you associate the Vic with those qualities. SO often, they are dingy and awful - I read about how, in their era, they were just horrible to live in. I mean, not the richie ones, but the working class ones. The ones I think of are all airy as well.

    Mater: Hilarious. As an American by birth and a person who can never figure out length, I sympathize! Note: Sewing has really helped me with this. Both metrically and imperially.