Monday, August 23, 2010


Hermes, Terre d'Hermes

I love this scent. It's made for men, but I wear it nonetheless. It's actually one of my few non-floral fragrances. It's got an excellent pepper subnotes, a touch of citrus (grapefruit, not orange) in the top note and it smells very earthy and clean simultaneously.

It's got that chypre thing happening, which you know I love - but there really isn't an "animal" element i.e. musk. And it's not channeling patchouli (thankfully) which, though considered a chypre element, makes me sick unless it is used so judiciously as to be undetectable.

Curious to know if any of you (ladies) wear this - or another scent designed for men?


  1. I don't, but this one sounds PERFECT for my taste!

  2. I've been wearing this for a couple of years, although, like you, I often like more floral scents.
    The only (small) problem with wearing this is that I've had a couple of female colleagues ask what it is and then begin wearing it as well -- so that what started out as my individual scent somedays (rarely, admittedly) is on all three of us!
    Another guy's scent I like to wear is Creed's Vetiver. I suspect you might like it as well . . .

  3. It sounds lovely. You know I've found myself wearing a variety of sometimes disparate scents, all of which tap into some part of me. I think some may be more "unisex", and at least one seems to appeal more to men than women from what I read but I don't know that I've gone for a scent specifically marketed to men. At the same time, who cares how it is marketed?

    I don't remember if I tried this one or not in my great perfume "search".

  4. i bought this for my bf...lovely scent. i hadn't thought of wearing it myself.

  5. Sal: It's pretty and rugged all at the same time!

    mater: I do like Creed's Vetiver! Hilarious. We're on the same scent page.

    mardel: Give it another sniff to see if it comes back to you...

    Pink: You must!

  6. sounds intriguing! i haven't smelled this one yet. i tend to stick with serge lutens serge noire most of the time; it could be worn by men, but i believe it's marketed as a woman's fragrance. very unusual's surprising, moody, with contrasting elements.

    thanks for a lovely comment!

  7. SO: I'll have to try the serge lutens (I've never come across it...)