Thursday, August 5, 2010

It Was Bound to Happen

So I just got my Figleaves order and, egad, nothing fit!

Let me start by warning you away from Cleo by Panache. If you've got boobs larger than a B cup, you need actual support. Simply making larger cups (unsupportively), isn't going to cut it. Alas, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for. Stick with the core line, IMO. Note: The set is just lovely to look at, undies included. But I don't want my tits bouncing up and down when I walk. You know?

Utterly shocking: The other purchase, my Freya standard - the one I've replaced so that I can cut up the original for science - didn't fit either?! It's a size too big. I mean, what is going on here?? My breasts are certainly not shrinking.

So, tomorrow, everything goes back. But let me focus on the positives:
  • There's a post office in my new work location!
  • Just called the lovely, professional peeps at Figleaves and learned that I don't need to send things back in the original box (which will save me $$).
  • And, best of all, the Figleaves international policy (which I didn't know till today) is that replacements are shipped free of charge. That means I can reorder the bra till I get the perfect size (which I sincerely hope is the next time!), and I will only have to pay to send it back, not to reship it. Pretty good deal, as far as I'm concerned.
I'm not a huge online shopper - and I never return - so I don't know if this is a standard policy. Note: Canadian shipping is amongst the most wretched in the world, so US-to-US or UK-to-UK returns may work differently, in general.

Update: It cost $20.00 to ship 3 items back to UK (because tracking is required which raises the price). That's steep, admittedly (and really cuts into the purchase savings). However, I just learned that I can replace something that I return for something else entirely - as part of my free reorder. So I purchased another set (something I've never tried, but by Panache - regular line). We'll see if that works.

I can tell that returning isn't optimal but I'm still ahead of the game ($-wise), as long as the next round of stuff fits.


  1. Hi K!

    How nice that the FigLeaves people are being so customer-service oriented.

    I'm sorry your things didn't fit; online ordering of smalls can be very risky that way, even when you order "your" size. I hope the new items fit properly.

  2. Not all companies are that nice but I do like Figleaves' return policy. I returned the majority of my last figleaves order, and am still waiting for the replacements, but I like that the replacements are shipped free of charge. And since there is a dearth of options for local shoppng for small band DD+ bas in my area, I have to put up with online shopping.

    The return policy is the same for my US orders. Most orders I receive are shipped from the UK. Returns are made to the US address and then returned from there to the UK which saves me some money in return shipping. It also explains why orders take so long to process. But I can live with that.

    It does however annoy me to no end when a favorite brand, or even a favorite style, is inconsistent in its sizing. I always hope that once I've found something that is perfect, that all its like siblings will be perfect.

  3. Isn't it odd how a style of bra can suddenly be different? I used to order Fantasie bras and though my size didn't change, they suddenly didn't fit as well.

    Figleaves policy of return is fantastic; I hope you get the proper fit next time!


  4. So glad they're treating you kindly. Most online vendors do exchanges for free, but not all!

  5. E: I'm really ok with it. It gives me a chance to learn about returns.

    Mardel: I suppose there's a chance that I ordered the Freya in the wrong size. I bought it retail, so long ago, that it's possible that I went into smaller size because it's a large fit. I don't have any recollection of that, but I guess it's possible.

    C: With Fantasie, sometimes the dye lots of their seam free bras impact the stretch of the fabric (or so I've experienced). But I hear you. It seems weird in the 3 piece cups. They're the ones that should not change given their construction methodology.

    Sal: I really love the online shopping experience so far. Here's hoping that feeling persists.

  6. The return game can be frustrating. I once ordered some pretty earrings from the Sundance catalogue, then promptly cancelled when I learned what the shipping would be!

  7. Lets hope the next lot works out and fits nicely. I hate having to return, its not so bad when shipping is free but its amazing how many online retailers still don't offer free returns. Sometimes I take back in store and never mention I bought online, this of course only works if you want an exchange as they won't give money back without a receipt.

  8. Have you ever looked at Breakout Bras for Freya? I can't say if they have the same selection as Figleaves, but I think that they offer free shipping to Canada, which is something very dear to my heart.

  9. Miss C: That doesn't surprise me!

    Fab: You are the categorical expert on this :-) I'm really glad I found a vendor that does the free returns...

    Laura: Thanks so much for your tip about Breakout Bras. I'm totally going to check it out...