Saturday, August 14, 2010

Waste Not / Want Not

This is a great article / post from Modern Twist about "zero waste" clothing manufacture. As a home sewist, I am regularly horrified (for real) by the fabric I put in the bin - due to wasteful cutting, inexperience, ends of fabric, muslins and mistakes. I would be fascinated to take Parsons' new course, coming this fall, on waste-free design!

Here's a snippet (ha!) from the article:

Zero-waste design strives to create clothing patterns that leave not so much as a scrap of fabric on the cutting room floor. This is not some wacky avant-garde exercise; it’s a way to eliminate millions of tons of garbage a year. Apparel industry professionals say that about 15 to 20 percent of the fabric used to produce clothing winds up in the nation’s landfills because it’s cheaper to dump the scraps than to recycle them.

As a person who fears for the future of this little marble we live on, I am going to follow this topic with interest...


  1. I find the whole subject fascinating.

  2. I have "wasted" so much fabric in the last year. I just have to chalk it up to learning that will eventually save the world some waste...