Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Love Potion No. 1 Revisited

Remember this? The Clinique All About Eyes Serum has become a non-negotiable. I love it! Six weeks in, I look forward to using it 2x per day - in the morning to massage away the puffies (didn't even know I had them?) and in the evening to soothe and cool.

I love a rollerball, for sure, but I'm surprised by how totally effective it is. I'm inclined to believe that - despite the lovely, cool, caffeinated serum - it's the engineering of the applicator that makes this product so useful. It pushes with the right pressure and breaks up the network of fluid underneath the eye socket skin, to make everything look, well, fresher. But it's gentle so it doesn't tug or damage the skin in any way.

At any rate, I recommend it unreservedly. Money well spent, IMO.


  1. I never get around to using eye things but keep thinking I need to start. Maybe this will inspire me.

  2. I always buy these things, use them for a few weeks, and then stop. However, if this is as amazing as you say, maybe it will be a longer term addiction.

  3. Wendy: It's really fun.

    Dora: The key is to consider how much money you've spent :-)

    Kate: Totally worth it.