Friday, March 14, 2008

This One Seems to be Popular

For those of you who expressed a fondness for my Hobo grey clutch, here are a few details (and a pic which highlights the delicious lining)

  • It's too small to fit much other than some money, a bit of makeup and a pair of sunglasses. I did carry a very small umbrella but the poor bag looked like an overstuffed boa constrictor.

  • It was originally $200.00 at Girl Friday on College Street. I got it on final sale for $100.00.

  • It manages to be rugged and rocker chic with an elegant kick at the back end.

  • The handle folds in, by design, so the bag can be a streamlined classic clutch or a (sensible) handle bag.


  1. I love the lining. I like it when there's print or an unexpected pop of colour.

  2. Wow, I love the detail. What a score!

  3. It's a shame you can't get enough stuff inside it to use it on a daily basis, that bag deserves to be seen!

  4. thanks for your comment (:

    i love the lining, stuff like that always makes an item ten times better for me even though it doesn't get shown off, it shows attention to detail. Lovely bag!

  5. Thanks all, for your comments.

    Enc: I thought it was a bit of a score - half price and all...

    Yulanda/Liberty: I totally agree with you about lining giving a bag that extra little pop.

    Miss White: Tragic, ain't it? I'm just going to have to be less of a schlepper and more of a fancy lady.

  6. I think the inside of bags should be as special as the outside...a nice surprise every time you open it--and yours surely is.

  7. Thanks Clothes Horse: I agree, it's easy to neglect the inside, but it's where you see the true quality of construction.