Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Instant Outfit

Here's a dress I picked up for $40.00 during the Christmas sales in Quebec City a couple of months ago. I love the colours and the pattern! I'm not generally a pattern wearer, so this dress makes me feel very a la mode. The fabric is a wool jersey and is thin enough (and appropriately shaped) that it looks great worn with skinny jeans too. I couldn't get a decent shot of the back, but the pattern is completely different on the flipside, with white, zigzaggy accents.

I wear it with dark chocolate tights and those pretty yet practical grey wedges I picked up last summer in Montreal at Lola & Emily:


  1. Dang, you SMOKED that! And you're a mom!? Way to recover your body. This is brilliant.

  2. My instant go-to outfit right now is my Erin Fetherston (for target) black jeans, a black H&M blazer and a men's hanes v-neck. Works like a charm! Aren't instant outfits a life saver?

  3. I love this dress, I would definitely wear something like this. Great choice indeed!

  4. Enc: You can comment on my blog anytime:-) Thanks so much for your generous comment. In truth, it was a flattering photo.K

    Etoilee - Excellent look. I'm very into the jeans, jacket at t look - you can be so polished but not fussy.

    Thanks for feedback Bronwyn. I was so thrilled to find it, all on it's own, in the crazy boxing day rush. It was a special shopping moment in a town I love. K

  5. Nice! Love the pattern, and it fits you beautifully.