Friday, March 28, 2008

The Hardcore Resources

I'm not the pioneer I imagined myself to be, having just come across this great closet organization series from Diana at Painfully Hip. It will direct you to other useful posts proposing nitty-gritty instruction / suggestions about whipping your environment into shape. And, in truth, I never would have found this post, if not for the fantastic Kitten at Picked Picks (it's just merged with her other amazing photoblog - A Bit Personal). If you haven't had a chance to check out this site, do yourself a favour and give it a click. This woman's personal style is amazing.

Apparently, there are some seriously organized bloggers out there, who bring their uniqueness and creative process to more than just dressing. And they do it at some length, go figure. So get out your pen and paper OR do up that schematic OR meditate on the things you can't live without.

Remember: As above, so below (Or as I like to paraphrase: Do get your ass organized; you know you're gonna feel deliciously superior while effortlessly outfitting yourself in 5 minutes flat!)


  1. I recently got a closet organizer so I'm hoping that will do something to my war zone of a closet. Seeing all you organized bloggers just makes me feel worse.

  2. I'm going to dig into this. My closet is lame, and now that Mr.OM's stuff is in there, it's become . . . overpopulated.

  3. Admittedly, though, I still have to work on my closet organization, but after discovering these posts I'm very eager and firmly determined to do it as soon as I come home!!!

    Thanks for the lovely words, too! You're being too nice! But I love it :)

  4. Jill: When you say you got a closet organizer, do you mean a person who's going to work with you to clean things up? I'd love to do that job!

    Enc: I couldn't believe how much stuff is in the 'sphere about getting the closet organized. You could read for hours!

    Kitten: You'll have to do some serious reorg to fit in all the great new American clothes! Thanks for your stylish blog which keeps me motivated to dress well. K