Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friendly Fashion Connection 2

Today, while out doing some serious damage on the shoe shopping front (multiple posts on this to follow) I decided to stop in momentarily at Gap Kids to see if I could find some slip ons for M. No luck there, but I did have the good fortune to bump into Hilary's mother, Heather, who was shopping for her darling grandchildren. Yes, it is a city of millions of people and we do live at opposite ends of the centre of town, but don't the shoppers just find each other like it's meant to be...

To give you a bit of backstory, I've know Hilary (and therefore Heather) since the summer after Grade 6. In all of those years, Heather has been a pillar of stylishness the likes of which one rarely encounters. I mean, she has been dressing with effortless, designer chic for decades. Ageless style is this woman's calling card. She really knows what she likes, how to put it together and what suits her frame perfectly. So I felt like such a success when she told me she reads my blog! (Did I mention that she was also an English teacher?)

What ensued was a fun trip to the glasses shop to check out a few options she's considering. Happily, the most gorgeous ones (though they all looked good, as she'd narrowed them down to a shortlist already) were also the most affordable. Who can go wrong with that?

Please stay tuned for some fun tales about springtime shoes!


  1. I'm holding my breath about the shoes!

  2. I am always envious of those stylish from birth, but I suppose it will be more fun to look back and laugh at my mistakes, than just smile.

  3. I don't think I became 'stylish' untik late high school. Pathetic I know. And I am in desperate need of some spring shoes, so I'll be looking to you for some good options ;)

  4. Clothes Horse: I hear you - there's more crazy fun in taking risks.

    Riz: All the best people look ridiculous until Grade 10 (IMO) :-) K

  5. Dear Ms K ...Boy o boy You've made my day. I can't imagine it's me you're describing, but thank you.I take your comments with humility and as a challenge to "make an effort" more often to look half decent when heading out as it seems that someone has noticed! My daughter sets a good example in this by choosing to wear an interesting piece of jewellery... changing it up when she's on the town. Love to you and Happy Easter. H.

  6. H: So glad you read it. It's my homage to your style influence. Look what a fashionable daughter you produced! Happy Easter to you too and keep reading, when you can. K