Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shoe 1: The Lady One

I decided to start with the office appropriate one, for no apparent reason. It's reasonably nicely constructed, despite the shoddy (what is it with me and the puns, lately?) look of the heel in these pics. The brand is one I've never heard of: n.d.c. And it's claim to fame, apparently, is that the shoes are made by hand. The soles are leather and the shape is lovely. They fit small, but well, esp. for a shoe that will live in the office, very likely, as I am not going to torture myself by walking miles in a 2.5 inch heel.

Here's a bit of info about the brand I lifted from online:

n.d.c. was created to open a new dimension to men's and ladies footwear, offering luxurious materials, comfortable lasts, and rejuvenated classics. n.d.c. is attractive to a wide group of customers; trendsetters, classic dressers, luxury lovers, and quality freaks who are in pursuit of understated individualism.

Each n.d.c. shoe is painstakingly hand-crafted by artisans. n.d.c. uses only the finest leathers. The designs are simple, yet elegant. The quality is unsurpassed. n.d.c. shoes are "works of art". Undisputed leaders in their category, n.d.c. creates timeless classics that outlive trends or fashions.

I don't know that I buy into the painstaking. I mean, I just finished scruitinizing these things and I've seen better made mass-produced shoes. I suppose the proof will be in the wearing, if I opt to keep them. What's cool about them is the colour and pattern of the patent. The upper is comprised of royal blue, patent strips that affix to the heel. The front part is closed (a patent toe box lines the strips), but the sides are slatted.

Nonetheless, apparently they're sold at Barney's - so the brand can't be lousy - and they were originally $300.00 on sale for $99.00. Thoughts or feelings?

PS - Pls. be warned that I have somehow managed to incorporate patent into each of the 4 pairs I will profile this week. I appear to be coming to terms with my ambivalence about its shininess...


  1. I quite like the look of these. That patent approach is very cool!

    The heels don't look shoddy from here, by the way. Are they comfortable? You say that they fit small, but how do they feel?

  2. I think those are great and they're super versatile which is a winning combination. I like shoes that look good with pretty much everything. I wore my Ya-Ya sweater the today and definitely gave you a shout out :)

  3. I like them, I think they look good, quite smart and ideal for the office - also on the versatility side, will go with practically anything from jeans to more formal work wear. To be honest, and this is just my opinion, I'm not 100% crazy on those types of stipy wooden heels, but overall it gets my vote.
    PS Joburg is cold and dry in winter, although I guess cold is relative compared to Canada:)If it's a mild winter it can be warm enough to wear T-shirts during the hottest part of the day. Cold is usually not colder than -3 C including windchill factor at night and early mornings.

  4. They look great! I love them. If I could wear anything but the flatest of flats I would run out and buy them. Maybe I should anyway and limp back.

  5. You can't relaly ever go wrong with patent i think...

    I'm not from Canada, I just used to go there a lot when I went to school in upstate Mass. I've been to Montreal, Quebec and Toronto. Toronto is where I visited HR.

  6. Enc: When I say they fit small, what I mean is that they're a size 8.5 but they feel more like an 8. My foot is somewhere between an 8 - 9 (depending on the shoe) and they fit, but they're snug. Not hideous snug, more like I'll break them in at the office over a number of wears.

    Etoilee: So glad you like them. I saw your YaYa sweater. Looks lovely. FYI - I'm linking to your blog...

    Bronwyn: You know, I hear you on the heels. They aren't my first choice either. Having said that, I think they go the distance on the versatility and the slatted look is kind of interesting. I'm surprised it gets so cold in Africa - even if it is really south. Nonetheless, I'd take that weather, about now.

    Hey Marth: I love how you've got yourself an account! I think you'd be crazy to wear these standing up all day, but for going out to Le Paradis...

    That's cool, Riz. How did you like it here - no need to lie. It's no Mtl!

  7. Dear Ms K I love the exciting ones . They look like those green patent Christian Loub. jobs (ha!)admired in David's window. I had tried those on (but in black patent) and they LOOKED smashing but who could risk the high $$$$$$ price if they turned out to be foot killers after a wearing in the real, uncarpeted world. I may just get myself and Visa over to 9 West. Thanks for the tip
    H again.

  8. You know, they do look like the Louboutin's in the window. Wow, talk about a subconscious influence! Best to check out 9West so you have money left over for a fancy lunch once you spend 3 hours trying on all the options there... K