Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stay Sharp

I love this Whistles bling (designed by Mulberry alumni, Sally Turner):

Info courtesy of Love...


  1. I hate a dull pencil. This sharp ring would be great for kids who spend too much time at the pencil sharpener( in elementary school I used the pencil sharpener as a place to exchange notes).

  2. So funny ring!!!
    And I agree with LBR


  3. Bel: M was telling me all about her note exchange system and it's award-winning. Then it occurred to her she shouldn't be so open. She made me promise not to sell her out to the teacher! :-)

    Sal: Isn't it!

    Seeker: Were you a big note passer? :-)

    Rebecca: I can totally see you in this ring.

    Ambika: Next ring project, do this one!