Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friday Treats

This is why you start the day with caffeine at the artisanal cafe:

I'll have you know that the barista knows me like few others and deliberately made the swirly heart, just because he's an artist!

And this is what I treated myself to at lunch (Holt Renfrew is stocking them right now):

Yes, they really look like that. And they taste awesome. (Mind you, apparently, in order to purchase them from the vendor directly, you have to order $300 worth (150 macarons) and then pay $75 in shipping in the general Toronto area. That's $375 plus tax, people. In this economy.

Feel free to surprise me. :-)


  1. macaroons are gorgeous! i don't want to eat them, though, and thank god! what ridiculous prices!

  2. I had a box of 6 for lunch (I know, disgusting) yesterday while walking around the Plateau. I thought it was pricey what I pay for a box. Now that I see I'd only get 2 from Bobbette, doesn't feel so bad.

    I hope they were really really good. The lavender ones are enticing me.

  3. The macaroons are gorgeous. I do love macaroons. And what a sweet morning coffee.

  4. I'm not a coffee drinker but I love those little foam designs.

  5. Luckily, you don't have to go right to the vendor! But I'd be tempted too, for all that pastel scrumptiosity!

    (I know "scrumptiosity" isn't a word.)

  6. I love good coffee foam. Yum. An,d wow, $300 worth of macarons is a lot of macarons. And, as they are so expensive you wouldn't want any to go bad and so you'd have to eat a whole lot of them and very quickly.

  7. Say, is that the barista you chatted up sans wedding ring awhile ago? You did/do go back to that cafe, right?

  8. Oh... heart coffee... that's really nice :).

  9. Aw,they look so yumm..I want to eat them..Ahhhh..lol..;D Hope to see more from you,have a nice day.;D

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  10. Sorry. just don't get macaroons. They make my teeth hurt thinking about them.

  11. droll: Macarons are the girliest of cookies :-)

    Raven: That's perfect lunch! Where do you get yours? I'm going to be in Mtl. in a couple of weeks and I want to get some...

    Mardel: Isn't that coffee gorgeous??

    Wendy: I can't believe you don't have the coffee vice. What do you drink with your Cadbury?

    E: It's totally a word in my books!!

    Bel: That's the ridiculous thing. I mean, they last 2 days. I think you'd need to do them for a wedding or function.

    Miss C: I am so embarrassed to tell you that I've more or less avoided that place ever since - I actually got sick and tired of the inflated prices and long lunch lines, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't cringe every time I think of running into that guy again. Where's my moxy?

    Nadine: Thank you!

    Summer: They're the best.

    Solo: Thanks!

    Hammie: I totally know what you mean. Somehow, that doesn't bother me...

  12. I get mine at La maison du macaron on De la Roche, just south of Mont-Royal ave. They have ice cream ones for the summer in addition to the regulars.

    I'll be trying out the ones at Europea in a few days. They're located one block away from my job at the courthouse. If they turn out good, this is going to be a fattening summer.

  13. Those prices, what? I made them twice and gave up..... some are sweeter than others...but man, that is just absurd about the prices, right?

    I love the Latte Art..

  14. Raven: Thanks! I wanna try the ice cream version...

    GJ: Isn't it art!!?