Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Is High On Drugs

Usually my husband won't let me go food shopping with him. He calls me (lovingly, natch) "the liability". On the weekend, however, I managed to tag along for the ride. Just to make things a bit easier aka more expensive and off-list.

I'm telling you, there's some scary stuff at the grocery store:

Um, am I the only one who sees the irony in this shit? I'll have you know that the box has no actual flavour ascribed to it. It's simply chocolate "coloured" with REAL chocolate chips.

Cuz you know how low brow the fake ones are.


  1. Hah! The REAL chocolate chips might be a DISTRACTION from the undeniable fakeness of the product as a whole. Maybe.

  2. I think I can summarize your stoner plate suggestion: Eat only good food.


  3. Haha...that REAL is a bit instead of FAKE?!

  4. American supermarkets terrified me when I was there. Seriously, so different from here, or anywhere else I've lived. So much processed food! So many ready meals! So many bizarre combinations! (Beeforoni?)

  5. Oh Mr. C loves pop tarts too . . . and I hate going food shopping with him b/c he fills the cart with delightful expensive side things but no staples.

    You know, when I was little, I used to eat chocolate pop tarts with vanilla ice cream for breakfast. My poor mother gave in so that I'd have *something* in my tummy for school. I am so *not* that kind of agreeable mother . . . (and never go near PTs any more either ;-)). But I shall enjoy vicariously!

  6. Maybe that's why they put that "REAL" really big on there,just to distract the buyers from it's being fake?!=)

  7. I could eat a box of those right now.

  8. Do they taste good?
    Looks yummy..=)

  9. Ha ha you're a food shopping liability, thats so funny!

  10. I love that they emphasize "REAL/VRAI" chocolate chips. As opposed to "PHONY/FAUX" chocolate chips. Do those even exist?

  11. EWW, Okay when I was young my mum would rarely buy Pop Tarts, and if she did it was the simple with strawberry inside, but once the box was gone- that was it, and NEVER in my life did I have those pudding cup things....

    But no. corn syrup is not enough they had to process the hell out of it with HFCS...

  12. Yes; any of these foods are frightening and should be illegal!

  13. Ooh, Sal, good rationale!

    D.: Just need to clarify for you and everyone else. I did not buy these. Will not eat them. Stoned or otherwise!

    Diana: It's like "real artery clogging transfats"!

    Andrea: The north american food store phenomenon is entirely frightening. The HFCS that's taking over the world has so much profile it's a miracle to find an inkling of fruit or vegetable in the centre aisles (the ones where the evil food resides).

    Miss C: Your mother sounds popular! And hey, it was 1975 - the ice cream had half the sugar and the pop tarts were probably vaguely real back then. Right? And don't blame the frivolous shoppers of the world. We keep that cart fun :-)

    Summer: I think they imagine if they write it large enough, we won't question it!

    Wendy: If I could run the world for a day, one of the things I'd do is create a new pop tart version made with cadbury chocolate :-)

    Solo: I wish they did but they taste kind of like sweet cardboard. My husband likes them though!

    Cybill: You think it's funny cuz you don't have to put up with my husband. :-)

    E: Isn't it INSANE. I'd love it if they did a version that tells it like it is. I'd almost be tempted to buy it!

    Maegan: The decline of civilization is closely linked to this packaging.

    GJ: Those pudding cups are good occasionally if you freeze them. And if you're drunk.

    Hammie: They should be illegal. I'm curious to know if you believe there's a link between diet and ameliorating the challenging elements of autism?