Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally, A Tag I'm Responding To...

Of course, it's the last one in (but it's easy), which is why it's getting the fast attention.

I should mention, at this point, that I LOVE being tagged and I appreciate it tremendously and I am hideously remiss in not responding to the many I've received over the last couple of months. It is not because I don't value the concept or the gesture. It's because, right now, I seem to suck at responsiveness. Please bear with me...

So, Sal gifted me with the fascinating "Show me your Blogspot" tag:

The rules:
1. Once you are tagged, post a picture of where you blog.
2. Feel free to tell us a little about your space, or explain certain items in more detail. Or not.
3. Link back Daddy Likey's original post.
4. Tag five other bloggers to show their blog spots.
5. If you are tagged and do not participate, you will become allergic to cabbage.

Honestly, I'm already allergic to cabbage - at least in as much as I won't touch the stuff. But I am nonetheless compelled to present you with the (rather unassuming) blog space:

Yes, that is an Ikea chair. But the table is handmade, awesome story, and I bought it at the Trinity Bellwoods art sale a few summers ago (bargaining the price down to $500.00 including delivery). When the delivery guys - also the creators of this beautiful design - put it in the living room, everybody sighed audibly with delight. It was the perfect table in the perfect spot. What I particularly love about it is the warm and cold juxtaposition. The recovered pine rectangles are 6 inches thick and affixed to a modern, steel frame. It matches everything and nothing at the same time. And my legs sit on it at just the right height.

So, I not-so-secretly wanna see the blog spots of:

Tanya Espanya
Bel - I don't think you've done it, have you??
Girl Japan


  1. Indeed seems comfortable your Blogspot.

    Have a nice sunday


  2. That table is fantastic! How do you keep your blogspot so tidy? Where are the chocolate wrappers, magazines and coke cans - or is that just me?

  3. Your wish is my command. I shall comply with your request later this afternoon my dear.

  4. You are super tidy! And I love those Ikea chairs.

  5. Wow, i love your blog spot! It looks clean, tidy and ready for the job :)

  6. of course its a superbly zen and clutter free spot. I think you might be half Japanese and half scandanavian ( in eqal and opposite balance of course) secretly covet this tag BTW! Very big brother voyeristic of Daddy Likey!
    ps. Dont forget to blog in your pyjamas this Friday 13th! Sis Wolf has named it in honor of mrs Palin. Bet you have cream silk kimono jammies, don't you K?

  7. I will do this soon. And is it really true that I'm not on your damn blogroll? This is how you prove your love to me?!

    Enjoy your cabbage!

  8. This tag is so fun ... I'm amazed to see that I'm one of the very few who blogs on a desktop instead of a laptop.

  9. Thanks, Seeker. It's comfy.

    Cybill: I'm a bit OCD, to be frank. It can be a problem.

    Monkey: I saw - It's a great space!

    Kate: Thanks. Do you have IKEA in the UK?

    Thanks Jenn!

    Hammie: You have made my week. To be thought of as half scandi and half japanese is perfect. So much style!! I am tagging you to do this also, ok?

    Tanya: All fixed now. Please don't hurt me for my hideous oversight. Need to update the roll very soon.

    Sal: It's true. Most of us are doing the laptop thing. You just like being an individual :-)

  10. Talking about remiss. Here I come and check this out days later!

    This is a cool tag. Thank you!

    I'll do this one definately (soonish) :)


  11. I feel like a real dork at the moment- I promise to update my blog today and upload the photo = )

    = ) I feel like a dork.. I really do..

  12. Hey Songy and GJ - It would have been helpful if I'd mentioned it to you. So sorry. I look forward to seeing your work spaces whenever it's convenient :-)