Friday, February 20, 2009

Branch Out

I took this photo on Friday evening at Bistro Tati on Harbord St.

Don't you wish you had a petrified tree objet d'art sitting next to your wine collection?

Don't you wish you had that wine collection?


  1. I'll take the tree, you take the wine. How 'bout it?

  2. There is something very serene about a nude tree like that in doors.

    I am also reminded of the scene in "The Little Prince" were Bob Fosse slithered around on a black-lacquered tree while singing "A Snake in the Grass"

  3. Hey! That's my Christmas tree! No, seriously, since the kids left home and I started un-venting Christmas traditions, we've been bringing in a beautiful piece of arbutus driftwood to hang twinkly lights on, then putting it back outside after January-ish. I'd better haul that beauty back inside and surround it with an expensive collection of wine, no?!

  4. "Petrified tree" made me envision a tree that was scared witless.

  5. Love the tree!
    Well and the wine, despite I only drink on "the king's bday" I would find some good things to do.


  6. Sal: That seems like a very reasonable split.

    Monkey: I like Sal's idea better, but you're on :-)

    E: Isn't it lovely??

    D.: A guy after my own heart!

  7. D.: I'm totally going to check out that link video. Thanks! (I love Bob Fosse!)

    materfamilias: I LOVE that trend. I would love to decorate driftwood and then return it to nature. And drink while decorating, natch!

    Wendy: Ha!

    Seeker: When's the king's birthday?? :-)

    Ambika: Glad to know we agree :-)

  8. I think the tree had a bit rustic yet chicness to the interior.... (sadly not a wine drinker)...

  9. drollgirl: Ah, to have a restaurant bar at my access every night...