Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can You Get Over This??

I've discovered a new blog: Desire to Inspire. Let me just say, it's working.

If this doesn't fill you with sick levels of decor-based envy, I wanna see where you live.


  1. Oooh thanks for sharing, what a freakin' amazing looking blog! Now just to figure out how to subscribe.

  2. I want to live there! It is my dream to have a bookcase tall enough that it needs a ladder. And then to have a piano and a huge window and two reading chairs next to it. It's like you found the blog of my dream house. Makes me really wonder about that blogger...

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Damn! That's some good looking decor. The only thing that would make it any better is if you were posing in front of all that stuff.

  4. I've filled a bucket three times with envy!

  5. Ooo my gosh I just LOVE seeing photos of amazing home decor and interior design... just fills me with this great sense of hope at being able to create a dream home in the future for myself. X) Any chance of showing us some photos of your home?

    Btw, I've moved to blogspot! Hope you won't mind updating my link. =) Thanks very much!

  6. I've been addicted to this site for a few months too. That bookcase + ladder was one of my faves. Beautiful!

  7. pretty pictures.

    We did something similar to the framed art grouping in the first picture using a number of prints by a local artist we like to support.

    They are hanging on the 60's era knotty pine paneling so there is a contrasting layers effect with the old pine as a base, the high tech frames and spare mattes, and the abstract-primitive art.


  8. Desire to Inspire is one of my favourite blogs!

  9. Wow, wow.... I want to live in those!!!
    And have someone to take care of the house and do the cooking LOL

    Thanks for sharing, dear, now off to see more and dream...


  10. oh it indeed does.
    i want judy from atlantis home to just come and redo my whole house.

  11. The chandelier and the bug print took me into full on envy.

  12. Ms. U: Do you have Reader? If yes, in the top left corner there's an area called "Add a Subscription". Just highlight the main url in the blog (http://desiretoinspire.blogspot.com) and paste it into the subscription area in Reader. Easy!

    Sal: It's so beautiful to look at, but painful at the same time :-) And every post is just as beautiful.

    I know, Sara! I want one of those Woody Allen like lofts in NY with tall bookshelves. This blog does bookshelf of the day, btw!

    Monkey, you sweet-talker, you :-) Although, I'd like that also!

    Kate: It's really hard to take :-)

    tis: I'll update your link. And I agree this sort of site is very inspirational (when not envy inspiring!) On the topic of photos of my home. I do slip them in on the premise of showing dinner parties or flowers or my bed (or my new backyard from last summer). If you go back through the site you'll see some snippets. I don't think I'd do these sorts of shots because it just seems a bit invasive. I have to keep some things private :-) Not that anyone could believe that!

    You see, Janet, if you were still blogging (sigh) you could have told me about this site and I'd have been reading it months ago too!!

    D.: That sounds gorgeous. I bet those groupings are beautiful and, you know how I love pine.

    Andrea: I wish I'd known about it sooner...

    Seeker: You sooooo have the right idea!

    ~h: Can you hire her for my house too :-)

  13. Bel, I know. The chandalier was the last straw.

  14. I'm pea-green with envy...some effers have all the luck (not that i live a hovel)!

  15. God how glorious. oh to be a grown up. LLGxx

  16. I haven't got envy, but I've certainly developed a case of design-inadequacy!

  17. Am drooling. But, there can not be children in this house.

  18. How could you do such a thing to me K-line... it inspired me to post about my inspiration.. our blog can be our inspirations boards so-to-speak = ) Thanks for the new link.. I LOVE IT

  19. Mattie: No doubt you live in the most gorgeous place ever, but this stuff is otherworldly!

    Maegan: I know...

    LLG: So nice to see you here. And yes, these looks are tremendously grown up.

    E: The thing about you is you're so well balanced :-)

    Anymommy: They're kept in the downstairs cupboard :-) Admittedly, it's the size of a gym.

    GJ: I love that you love this. I was blown away. We can be inspired together!

    Show Me: Tell me about it! Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Londyn: It's this good every day! Thanks for your comment.

  21. This is EXACTLY the kind of vision I had in mind while trying to decorate my apartment. Of course...it turned out quite differently, but I absolutely love each and every picture. Especially the lovely chandelier in the second picture. Every piece is perfection!

  22. I LOVE the chandalier. And, even though your finished product is unique, I'm sure it's just as gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by...