Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Seriously Quick Check In

Hey Peeps, I'm inundated with work from every corner: the day job, parenting, prepping for Xmas, the Etsy shop, a leadership course and an impending renovation (which takes up way too much time given that I haven't signed on any dotted lines yet). I expect things to calm down enough that I'll have the bandwidth to make some post appearances next week. In truth, I'm not very good company right now and I don't have much to recount.

I wish I could say I've got some sewing on the horizon. I don't.

But I do want to tell you - when next I write - about some new mitts I've made (they're blocking) and give you a run down of how my knitting process has become more refined (due to experience but also given that I have to be very selective about when and how much I knit - at the peril of inviting pain).

I might also go into some discussion about how the scope of the reno is shaping up.  Let's just say that it's good the bank seems willing to give us a ridiculous amount of money because, Lord...

Hope you are all well and that you're able to experience this time of year with celebratory intent.

PS: In that spirit, at least I haven't spent a third of this post complaining about the weather. Truly, I was tempted. xo


  1. Thank you for checking in, K. PS: much of what you're busy with would be of interest in a post. S.

  2. Hugs to you K-Line!