Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bra Review: Curvy Kate Bardot Babydoll

I'm not a huge fan of Curvy Kate bras - not that I've had a ton of experience of the brand. I've tried a couple of the 1.0 styles (the brand originally designed in a shallower and wider profile than it does now). Those really didn't work on my very projected and narrow shape. Then, recently, I tried Scantilly (the sexy line) and I loved the quality and design. The model I tried (Peek a Boo) was also a bit shallow and wide, but less so than the CK regular brand.

At that point, my interest was piqued.

So, recently I ordered 2 more CK items: The CK Bardot Babydoll (known for being in the more projected category) and the Scantilly Surrender.

The results were interesting.

For starters, the Scantilly - ordered in my usual size (and the same size in which I ordered the Peek a Boo) was simply too shallow - moreso than the Peek a Boo, which fit a bit snug at the centre cup but not so much that it's a deal breaker. The Surrender, in my regular size, yields pillowing at the upper cup though the band size (32 - the size I'm wearing these days) is fine. So I returned the bra for one in a cup size larger. I also found the thong undies to be ridiculously loose, though I always order up a size because I hate cling. In this instance, I've returned the thong for a medium. Of course, I'll let you know what I think when I get the next parcel. What I will say is that the quality is lovely but the price is higher than that of the regular CK line, so it should be, IMO.

I didn't have much hope for the Bardot Babydoll:

This garment comes in a variety of black-based colourways. I got the one with lilac trim, largely because it was on sale - and it looked as appealing as any of the others. Needless to say, this isn't daily wear, though I could totally use it as a bra and slip. The unpadded cups are bra-sized. This style comes in a bra and undies set as well as the babydoll.

The site from which I purchased this didn't have my regular size in stock, so I decided it would be a good opp to see whether one cup size up would fit better than the Scantilly I already owned. As I discovered, the fit is utterly PERFECT. Apparently, I wear a cup size up from the usual in CK.

Note: I understand that the brand redesigned many of its styles (and its sloper) because it was becoming known as a brand that fit everyone badly. The early styles - now discontinued - are very wide, very shallow and they scaled badly into larger cup sizes.

I don't find the cup width to be overly wide in either Scantilly or CK 2.0 (the new bras, drafted with more cup depth). They are wider than Empreinte but I feel they're on par with Cleo. I do have to measure before I confirm this definitively, but that's my take so far.

It appears that this brand just isn't overly true-to-size vis a vis centre-fullness and immediate projection, which is why I had to size up to get the gore to tack and the upper cups to fit. What's interesting is that the shape of the Bardot (and the Surrender - and the Peek a Boo) is perfect for me which is why, I guess, going up a size works. The Bardot suits those with even breasts that are full overall. I would totally buy the bra/undies version because it provides a really round, front and centre shape that isn't in your face. It would be great under lots of clothing and, I suspect, invisible. The bra component is elegant and the band is nice and firm, with 3 hooks and eyes, but also very comfortable.

This bra set and babydoll are often available on sale at really good prices.

Now let's talk about the skirt of the babydoll: It's a bit cheap-feeling and it clings from static at the drop of a hat. The hem is made of the same satin as is used on the Peek a Boo (I believe) but somehow it doesn't come off in the same luxe and rich way that it does there.

Feel notwithstanding, I really like the look of the back of this garment:

This pic doesn't show it off to its best effect but the keyhole under the bra band is strangely sexy. You can see that they've simply taken a bra and added a skirt onto it.

All in all, I'd recommend this babydoll for someone looking for a non-matrix sized sexy but supportive garment. It is most suitable those with moderate breast projection so go up a cup size if you're on the deep side. I would buy on sale because, while it's cute and the bra portion is elegant, the skirt doesn't thrill me. It's just not up to my standards in terms of fabric. As with all garments of this description, the cut is, well, juvenile. Mind you, I've learned a bit more about CK sizing and I'm really impressed by the fit. The price point is also appealing if you want to have a bit of fun without breaking the bank. You can always find CK on sale. I can tell the Bardot bra would be very comfortable and, I suspect, durable.

Today's questions: Anyone tried the Bardot babydoll or the bra? Anyone tried the Scantilly Surrender? What do you think of this brand - or of these bras specifically? Do you go up a cup size when you wear this brand? Let's talk.

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  1. Oooh, another bra review, plus a babydoll review! Your advice to size up a cup but stay with your usual band if you're projected is very needed with the Curvy Kate Bardot Babydoll. There aren't enough reviews or stats on it. How high is the gore in the size you bought?

    Too bad about the Scantilly Surrender bra and thong. I hope the exchange works out. As someone who wears skirts and dresses almost exclusively, I value sizing info about panties. It's disconcerting to feel one's underwear slipping off your body at work or, really, anywhere.