Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hand Off

There was simply no taking a good photo of these mittens:

Purl Soho Seed Stitch Mittens and Hand Warmers

Trust me, I tried.

They're an enjoyable, simple knit and I do like seed stitch. But something about the colour and the qualities of the yarn (that too-soft Rowan Super Fine Merino Aran), really preclude the prettiness from shining through.

Seriously, just avoid that yarn if you intend to use seed stitch. It needs a more sturdy fiber. And actually, avoid it if you don't like splitty yarn too.

I gave these mitts away immediately. For better or worse, I find all mittens juvenile. On wearing them, I couldn't escape feeling like a 4 year old, even if they are fitted and extend half-way to the elbow (so perfect for all of my 3/4 length garments).

I might have made the thumbs slightly wider and longer (but fit wasn't a deal breaker).

What I will say is that the weather this winter has been FANTASTICALLY warm. Yeah, it's grey, but it's nigh on impossible to persist with my weather-related complaints given that I don't really need to wear a coat. Or gloves. Or a hat. We've actually reached record highs (14C in the day time?!). So I think I'm cool without these for the moment.

Really, I'm more in a sock mood lately.


  1. I love wearing mittens for exactly the reason you dislike them - they make me feel like a giddy child! Don't have much call for them any more though - it's bare hands balled up in long coat sleeves for me, then driving gloves in the car if I'm organised! ;) What kind of socks are you going to make?

  2. I've considered making these mittens a few times - but I just can't imagine wearing them. Too used to seeing them on children or elderly ladies!

  3. I wish I could wear mittens because these are too adorable (I'm a sucker for seed stitch) but I swear I'm never knitting merino aran again. It's just too much like hard work.