Sunday, December 13, 2015

Socked In

I went back to Ewe Knit yesterday. Between my pain improvement (for which I am SO grateful) and the fact that the shop has moved up the block, I'm back to spending a reasonable amount of disposable income on yarn etc.

What brought me up there yesterday was broken circular needles (in use at the time, I'm making socks). I put my hand down hard on the bamboo and it broke in half. I was a bit miserable in the moment, despite the fact that I had an alternate needle (Addi Lace) because, as I've come to realize, I don't like Addis. The cables are too hard to maneuver for magic loop and the coating on the lace brand is designed to mitigate titanium slipperiness. I like slip and flexible cables. Note: I don't like the Addi Turbos either: The tips are too round (so they don't hit the yarn right) and the cables are just as shit as with the Lace version.

The needles I prefer to make socks with (at least right now) are Chiaogoo Premium Bamboo. They have a flexible metal cable (the same as that provided with the Chaiogoo metal needles - only those cables have a red coating). Apparently, the bamboo needles in the larger sizes have a plastic cables (not unlike Addi cables). But at least up to a size US2, the bamboos use the metal cable and it's perfect for socks.

I will say that the POINTY bamboo tips only get pointier as you use them (and you can get quite a poke if you're not careful). Furthermore, if you come down hard on the wood, you'll break it, as I've learned. But Chiaogoo bamboos are still my faves for socks, hands down.

Of course, while I was there, I got some more yarn. I'm not a stone.

I bought a brand I've wanted to try for a long time, though I'd previously resisted due to price. Since the dollar has tanked, the price of yarn has increased by about 30 per cent, so 420 yards of this (admittedly "boutique") fingering weight cost me $50 bucks (including tax).

Meet Shalimar Breathless in Gun Metal:

It's much more grey in real life and a bit marled - not the "baby" blue it seems here. And it's made of super wash merino, cashmere and silk. I'm going to use it to make socks. Cashmere isn't the best fiber for socks (which need more resilience than most other garments) but I don't so much care. I want to knit with a yarn that looks and feels like a million bucks. And this most definitely does. I've started my latest pair of socks and it's delicious!

I've just finished a pair of socks I started a couple of weeks ago, using this (Sweet Georgia in Riptide):

Photo courtesy of Yemanabanana
Alas, my sock isn't striated in the even manner shown in the photo above:

But isn't that the fun of patterned yarn?

While I was in the shop, Claudia gave me a lovely Xmas gift:

Doesn't it match my socks beautifully? And my new Shalimar breathless? It occurs to me (and maybe it did to Claudia) that everything I knit is in some shade of grey or blue - so this bag is a great complement.

(I'd link to it on the website, but it doesn't appear to be listed. Nonetheless, you can find the bag in-store. I believe it costs about 30 bucks and it's well worth it as it'll hold a moderately sized project, notebook, notions and yarn.)

As some of you have asked, be assured, I'm taking 2 weeks off starting on December 18 and I intend to do FUCK ALL for the entire time (except when I host Xmas day for Scott's family and, perhaps, friends on the 24th). It'll be cooking, knitting and (if there's energy) sewing through the solstice. Travel, my original plan, seemed imprudent given unexpected costs incurred in the fall and given that we're going to start a rather pricey reno in the spring. Part of me is bummed about that and another part could care less. I'm just exhausted and I need to chill. Don't suppose it much matters where.

Today's questions: Have you knit with Shalimar Breathless? If yes, what are your thoughts? Do you like my new knitting bag? Whatcha think of that sock pattern. In truth, it's not my fave, but I know the socks will wear very well.


  1. I thought I was the only one who doesn't like Addi needles! I'm so glad I'm not alone :-) That sock yarn is gorgeous. And yes, I like your new bag! What a great gift!

  2. I have no opinion concerning your knitted socks. You are far beyond me in knitting skills. Cashmere socks sound SO delicious.
    So glad to hear that your "Pain Improvement" continues. I would love a little info on that journey. Have you continued to use balls and rollers to focus on myofascial release? Have you brought other modalities to your Self-Bodywork? I am really interested. Thanks.

  3. Ooh! I think your stripey socks are awesome! I like the splashes of light and almost tiger-striped look of the other colors. So pretty!