Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clasping at Straws

The modern era has its challenges, for example: where's a nice sweater clasp when you need one?

I wandered the city like an idiot, visiting craft establishments galore in the veritable craft centre of Canada, and I could barely find anyone who even understood what a sweater clasp is.

So, in case you were born after 1970, a sweater clasp is the thing used to hold together the keyhole in this retro-inspired sweater I just happen to be knitting:

Split Neckline Cap Sleeve Tee

Sidenote: Would it have killed Ms. Japel to name this sweater something snappier (no pun intended) than the Split Neckline Cap Sleeve Tee. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue! Now I'm going to have to call it the SNCST (if I can even remember that).

Eventually I took to the interwebs. While I'm not really into Ebay - it freaks me out and it's ugly - I do love Etsy (the cuter, crunchier granola sister).

Even there, the pickings, for the type of clasp I was searching for, were limited. I mean, it's like no one is wearing these things. I did find a vintage boutique selling quite a lot of them (and lovely ones), but they were of this variety:

Photo courtesy of Pink Rhino Vintage

This type, while totally adorbs, does not hold the sweater pieces in question closely closed.

In fact, I searched for almost an hour before finding this one:

Photo courtesy of Pink Rhino Vintage

(The pearls are textured on purpose and the vendor has happily agreed to take them back if I'm unhappy with the condition upon receipt. The piece is very well preserved, apparently.)

I think it'll look swell on a camel coloured, short-sleeved, retro-inspired sweater with black trim.

Thoughts on this fashion statement? Does any of you actually own one of these?


  1. Hi,
    Your sweater will be beautiful. Have you checked out Jul's website? I'm not affiliated, I promise, but I saw their designs in a weaving magazine and I really like them. Maybe they will have something you like. Kitty

  2. I don't own clasps, but I like your choice. Interesting but being gold/pearl, you aren't limited in matching colours.

  3. The clasp on that sweater is made by JHB. Knitpicks has some other clasps too.

  4. I have some clasps that I've picked up at various vintage sites over the years, all packed now, and I have used clasps in the past. The place I used to go specifically for sweater clasps is not out of business and can't help.

    I've not purchased from either of these sources, and they are probably not what you are looking for but, I found these in my list:

    traditional norwegian clasps:

    celtic clasps:

    vintage clasps:

  5. I like the one with the textured pearls very much.

  6. I don't own anything like it, but I am sure it will look fab on your jumper x

  7. I so heart clasps! However, they are tricky thing to find. I´ve resolved the problem by taking the clasps from some kid´s flimsy suspenders ( if I see such items, I buy by bulk because they usually are so heavy and clumpy ), decorate them and use whatever knick knacks I have to join the clasps together.
    I have quite a bit of knick knacks since I do beading.
    So... it´s doable even by yourself.

  8. Kitty: Thank you for the vote of confidence! It's going through some serious modifications to perfect fit. Here's hoping they fly. And I'll go check out that link...

    Sera: That's what I thought!

    Anon: Thank you so much for that info! Very well priced. I should check out what the shipping's going to be...

    Mardel: I'll check them out. I went to a vintage store today - to see if that would do the trick. They had a couple of clasps. Both gaudy - and the kind with a long chain.

    Susan: Thanks!

    Fab: I really hope so. That would be the icing on the cake. Let's say I'm investing a LOT in this project.

    WRS: Good idea! I've got to find some of those...