Friday, October 7, 2011

Spell it Out

In a strange turn of confluence, I read Sunni's post, inquiring about the importance of customer service on the very same day I was following up with Amy Karol (renaissance woman and Etsy proprietor) about the whereabouts of my latest web-purchase love-on: Balancing Facial Oil.

Whoa, there's a lot going on in that first paragraph...

Here's the backstory:
  • I love potions (as you probably know).
  • I love supporting small business.
  • I love Etsy.
  • I love organic stuff.
  • I love anything scented with rose and ylang ylang.
  • I love Amy Karol's blog.
Put them altogether and you get this:

So I ordered the oil, and anxiously awaited its arrival.

Three weeks later I was still waiting. (Canada Post really boggles the mind...) When I emailed Amy to follow up, I got the promptest - politest - reply a) apologizing for the delay and b) indicating that she'd send a replacement the same day. That's some awesome client service - and it further inclined me (pending product quality) to purchase a potion for all my peeps this Xmas. To extend the good will, I suggested that we wait a couple more days to see if the parcel would miraculously appear. Stranger things have happened here. And, lo, 2 days later - it arrived!

Upshot: The product is potion-y goodness. Smells terrific. Feels awesome. Helps the planet. (I'm kind of making that one up, but go with it.) Perfect Xmas size, shape and function. Woohoo!

The thing I love most about it though - and this says so much about me, I realize - is that it is incanted with an actual spell to enhance my beauty as I use it!? This potion is actually a potion!!! Only on Etsy, people...

Let me urge you to purchase one of Amy's facial oils for yourself (it's a very reasonably priced indulgence that feels/smells great and it's not full of hideous chemicals) and/or consider buying these for your friends and family over the hols. No one is paying me to say this. I'm compelled by good product and good service.


  1. Thanks for the tip on what looks to be a great product - and with a beauty enhancing spell, no less! Mmm, I may just have to indulge…

  2. I love potion and oil products for my face! I've been using a beauty serum from Lush that comes in a little bar. I especially love mixing oils like this with rosewater toners etc...I'm going to peruse Amy Karol's selection!

  3. Andrea: Let me know what you think, if you take the plunge...

    LAP: This one is very good. Give it a go!

  4. Sounds like a good stocking stuffer to me :).

    Happy Thanksgiving!