Monday, October 3, 2011

Two Yards Down

I spent Saturday constructing my first muslin of the Colette Clover pants. Here's what I can tell you so far:
  • It's a gorgeous pattern to sew. Never mind the finished product, which I haven't yet completed, very few patterns have the confluence of flow, excellent instruction and intelligent construction that this one does. I cannot wait to give it another go. Seriously, how often do you hear me wax rhapsodic about fun construction?
  • My zenness stood me in good stead as I managed to produce a first garment that is SO not wearable - and for the most unexpected reason: Shortening the crotch depth by an inch transformed it from what (I presume) would be low/mid-rise to practically pubic. I've never encountered this problem before - I suppose there's a first time for everything.
  • This is sad, if only from the standpoint of the fabric I have sacrificed. You may be thinking: Well, Kristin, you knew what you were getting yourself into. Why did you use fabric you'd be sad to see wrecked? The answer: I'm eternally hopeful and wanted the potential of a great end product - which it may well have been (other adjustments notwithstanding) if I hadn't created the most non-negotiable of issues - inadequate amount of fabric to cover all the areas. Seriously, what a great blog post - and real-life story - that would have made. Furthermore, I didn't remember - till after I cut and started sewing - what awesome hand that worsted had. I like to think I'm a (torched) yard and a half closer to expertise. Isn't always painful to sacrifice fabric on some level?


  1. Do you have extra fabric? How about adding a yoke at the top of the pants to make them longer? If you don't like the looks of it, you can always wear an untucked blouse or sweater over them. Sounds like the fabric is nice enough that it is worth trying to save them!

  2. That must be some pants pattern! You've got me interested. Sorry your go at it didn't give you idea results and your lovely fabric was a loss. But you're right, such sacrifices (though painful) does get you closer to expertise!

  3. It sounds like a fantastic pattern.

    What a shame about the torched fabric! I hate it when stuff like that happens.

    I've also cling to eternal hope despite evidence to the contrary.

  4. Aw, rats! I share your fabric-pain (I get ridiculously attached to fabrics, even thrift-store ones)

    Here's hoping your next version will be fab, though! (and who knows, if the fit is right you could even jeans-ify the pattern!)

  5. I agree with Couture Allure, add a deeper yoke/waistband.

  6. I tried twice to leave comments yesterday. Blogger disappeared both attempts. Praised you for your zen analysis and lack of obvious screaming. Made up for it with my own, at Blogger.

  7. Couture - excellent idea which I did consider. Problem is, I used every inch of the fabric with careful cutting. I had just the right amount and no more. Using a contrasting fabric would just be weird, I think.

    Victoria - I keep racking up hours :-)

    Susan: We could have worse propensities :-)

    Taran: I am so jeansing this one up!

    lsa: See above - I so wish I could...

    F: That sucks! Thank you for persisting and have a great Thanksgiving.

  8. Hmmm, I think contrasting would work, even Sarai suggested it. You know like color-blocking? I have a great picture of pants done that way but I can't remember where I saw it. I'll try to post it later.