Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Retail Therapy

Just want to say thank you to everyone who's commented or emailed me about my post yesterday. Your feedback has been such food for thought and I welcome all of your considered perspectives. Please, keep up the conversation!

Today, let's switch gears, just a bit, in deference to the season - and because, really, what soothes a body-image challenge more than gorgeous lingerie??

Meet Lulu Tout bra and undies, wending their way from the UK:
Lulu Tout Coco Lace Underwired Bra
Technically, I bought the thong (which looks like it belongs more naturally, texturally, with the bra):

Lulu Tout Coco Lace Thong

FYI, this set is exceedingly affordable and I got it for 20 per cent off using a coupon code that someone else suggested. I believe it was TEMPTED but I can't quite remember. If you opt to buy on Figleaves in the next while, that promo code just might work.

But, you might be thinking, Kristin, haven't you had it with Figleaves? Haven't you said that 10 times in the last year, given that every experience you've been through lately has involved the receipt of product that doesn't fit and incurs Customs fees?

Thing is, the line is a Figleaves house brand. Ain't no way to buy it but from that vendor.

Moreover, I've only ordered one set which won't be boxed (I have to hope), and therefore should avoid detection. FWIW, last time I got Customs-dinged, for a batch of stuff from Figleaves - all of which I returned, I actually filled out the refund paperwork (what a pain) and got 40 bucks back from the government! Sure,that's 20 bucks less than Customs took originally but, natch, that's the "admin fee".

As mentioned, this is a really affordable set, even before the discount I finagled. Plus, if you're American, you can order from Figleaves US but Canadians, don't go Figleaves US! UK vendors are less likely to attach additional Customs charges.

Let me tell you why I decided to take a chance on this set, even though I'm pretty sure my heart belongs only to Empreinte:
  • One can only afford so much Empreinte.
  • One has lingerie addiction needs.
  • One desires a pretty package.
  • One is performing a public service for those who have not yet tried this brand, which is likely most everyone, since it's new.
  • One has read that it's remarkably supportive, even as it looks light and sexy.
  • One cannot crawl under a rock, simply because one's stomach is a mushball. Priorities, people.
After saying all of this, there's a high likelihood that I'll end up returning this sucker, cuz I know nothing of the brand and it's just as likely as not to be a bad fit.

What attracts me to it is the vibrant colour and the applique effect of that overlay. Plus the undies are adorable - a full coverage thong! What could be better!

So, what do you think of Lulu Tout? Have you heard of this brand? Do you like this set? Let's talk.


  1. I like the thong panties! Good way to get back on the horse. (I don't know if my comment on yesterday's post got eaten or not.) Somehow a really pretty set of lingerie always seems to lift my mood. I hope it does yours!

    1. I know - it's like a full coverage thong. I don't know how I've never seen anything quite like it. I really hope it lifts my mood (rather than tormenting me if it doesn't fit). Let's say I'm betting on the stars aligning :-)

  2. I've never heard of the brand, but this set looks very pretty! Tempting, even. And the color would work well with my latest creation, too. (Speaking of which, would you like the instructions for the collar mod?)

    1. It's quite a new brand, from what I know. Let's see if it becomes popular. And that is such a lovely offer about the collar mod! I need to buy the pattern first and then I'll email you. I don't want to put you to any trouble until I've got that far. xo

  3. I think a little of retail therapy is a great idea )
    And the set is cute.
    But what I read about custom fees sucks, in my country we have 300 euros limit, everything cheaper could be bought abroad without custom fees applied (but we have expensive post service instead, so returns are to be avoided). I think it makes sense a lot, because custom will spend more money by applying custom fees to small packages than get from custom fees applied.

    1. Thanks M! And I see what you're saying about the customs limit. We have that when travelling abroad, but not with mail.

  4. Kristen, you are a hoot! That set is very sexy, I've been reading your fun lingerie posts. 'Bout time I buy some!

    BTW, your sweater is lovely, love that color!

    Cherie in Phoenix

    1. :-) Cherie - let me know what you think of this set if you end up buying it! And thanks!

  5. Wow. This is really, really pretty. Hopefully it fits well and you don't have to return it.

  6. Ooh, thanks for the lingerie fix, and what a gorgeous color. I don't see those deep luscious greens that often. (The thong definitely works better.)

  7. I've never heard of them, but am looking forward to your review. A return to the bra topic is timely for me. I'm in the process of losing weight and sadly I'm shrinking out of my favorite brand, Curvy Kate. I'm only halfway to my goal, but I think by summer I'll be ready to start the arduous process of trying on 5000 bras to find the one that doesn't have wires too high up on the outside. Cause it was so much fun when I did it last year....sigh.

    1. Oh, don't view it as arduous. See it as a grand adventure :-) Curvy Kate is generally a shallow cup with relatively wide wires. I hope that this brand is narrow in wires with lots of immediate cup projection. But I'll let you know.