Saturday, June 19, 2010

Will to Power (Not to Be Confused with Willpower)

The other day I was talking to a new colleague, telling her about Figleaves (UK), and how much I enjoy the site.

Not only can I find my fave brands there (size tiny to size grand) - from Panache to Freya to Charnos to Made by Niki - but I can generally get them cheaper than from the shop down the street. Even considering shipping - like, international shipping, to Canada! The customer service is very good. The mail-out prompt. What's not to love?

You know I've been on a shopping ban. It went from 3 months to 6 months, with nary a glitch. Of course, as I have mentioned numerous times, it's not exactly hardcore. I have simply put a hiatus on shopping for clothing.

Part of my rationale has been to develop my sewing skills, something that's really been coming along. But it's summer time and I won't have much opportunity, given celebrations and work and vacation and readying M for camp.

Perhaps you know that gorgeous lingerie is my passion? Making it, buying it, wearing it. I'm not discriminating. Well, I'm very discriminating but not about how I come by it, as long as it's fab . I haven't yet got a bra pattern drafted that fits perfectly, though I'm close. I imagine I'll return to it in July or August. Till then, I need a hit.

Let's be blunt. If I didn't buy another bra or pair of undies for the next 2 years, I'd be swimming in options. I need for nothing. And yet I lust after it all.

Having chatted with my new co-worker, I frothed myself into a frenzy and needed to re-review the site. You know, just to assure myself it was still there. :-)

And then I found some things I couldn't resist.

Panache Thong Bodysuit (or Body, if you are British)

Charnos Cherub Shortie (above) and matching bra (below)

Notice a theme? I've bought so many fancy bras over the past couple of years that I'm out of basic (but sumptuous, natch) black.

Here's hoping this all arrives before my vacation begins. A girl needs to be outfitted.


  1. Um, lovely. And now I am ashamed of my ratty underwear.

  2. Great lingerie, dear!!!

    Note to self: to see my lingerie, get ride of some and buy new one ;-)

    Hope you're having a great weekend dear


  3. Oooh-LaLa! So pretty and fancy!

  4. well thank you for passing this obsession down to me! these are LOVELY! i have been wearing the basics far too long. a gorgeous set of undergarments makes a lady feel...well....GORGEOUS!!!!

  5. Stacy: Shame is not the answer! New loot, my friend, is where it's at.

    Miss C: I know, it's great, yes?

    Seeker: Thanks. Go treat yourself xo

    Victoria: You could make it, I'm sure of it...

    J: Don't you have a milestone birthday coming up??

    Stacy: I know. I only wish I'd bought 16 other things...