Monday, June 28, 2010

Isn't There Something About This in the Bible?

OK, I'm really trying to stay positive here but between the insane hormonal moment I'm having and the fact that my city has experienced, in the last week, riots, floods and a significant earthquake (5.5 - in a place that doesn't have a fault line?!), I'm kind of at the end.

Add to it the rather crap day I've had and my totally obnoxious 'tween and I'm ready to hop a one-way flight (stowaway-style) to Tahiti.

I'm sure I'll be back in the swing shortly but let's wait till I can say something without spitting venom, shall we?

Maybe you could take my mind off it by commiserating. What's up with your day? Is it awful? Can you one-up me with the crappiness? I'll even listen to fun happy stories, if you must. :-)


  1. Poor you! It seems like sometimes it all conspires against us, doesn't it? If you can't find the one-way flight to Tahiti, try to take solace in the fact that things will get better. We were pretty stunned to see footage of the riots ...

  2. Let me try and help: Chocolate; Club Monanco; Mid-century modern houses; Apartment therapy; Pilgrim candy making; unlimited fabric budget. Is any of this working? Are you feeling any better? If not then feel free to vent some more and repeat as needed.
    Hope things start turning around for you!!

  3. I can't one-up your cr@p-fest of a dahy. I'm having a great day.

    But I can make this point: it'll all be over soon. Tomorrow is about eight hours away.

  4. I second Belette's list. Hope things get better soon.

  5. Thank you Tiffany! (It has been very shocking.)

    Bel: You had me at chocolate! (which I'm eating right now...) What a great list to take my mind off it all.

    E: Very sound feedback. And I'm happy you're having such a great day.

    Mardel: Thank you. That was a great list, yes?

  6. While today has been so-so, I know Saturday will probably suck. It is my wedding anniversary and hubby was sent back to the middle east last week with about 4 days notice. I can also vouch for the soothing powers of chocolate, as consumption has pretty much doubled recently. :) I hope your tomorrow is full of awesome.

  7. OK, Andrea, that well and truly sucks. You are definitely deserving of all the chocolate you might desire over the next week (at least!). This is no consolation, obviously, but maybe you can go out and do a proxy celebration (of your wedding?) with a really good friend. And you may also have a bit more time to do that sewing you've been getting back into. Again, it's a lemonade out of lemons response.

    Do they say when his latest tour will end?

    I've had 2 choc bars tonight. I'm feeling the zits :-) But my serotonin levels are up!

  8. with all the other commenters on chocolate. my personal favorite: godiva milk cocholate bar with almonds. that, and putting on some of my fave npr podcasts while sipping some tea and maybe bookmarking some wishlist faves on my favorite e-boutiques...feel better! :)

  9. I really like those Godiva mint choc pearls. All the other flavours taste fake but the mint ones have nice texture and great taste. You can eat them while you work, too.

    I should totally go "lingerie shopping" online. You know, when you fill up your cart with lots of stuff and then don't actually check out. It's free!

  10. He'll be back at the end of July. It's not so bad, except for the timing. Cadbury Caramellos are my chocolate of choice. Yum. And I totally play the fake shopping game on the MAC website. It's interesting that a couple hundred bucks really doesn't buy that much. Yikes. I have been doing some sewing and hopefully will get my blog back in gear soon. Thanks for cheering me up. Btw, I don't think the zits will have a chance against your magic potions. :)

  11. What the what? I had no idea Toronto had become the target of so much mayhem! You poor lady!

    This isn't even close, but a bird pooped on my bike bag on the ride into work today. I swore a lot.

  12. I am convinced that the world is, in fact, coming to an end - or at least human kind is. Except for mutants. And maybe zombies. Zombie eating mutants. Mutant eating zombies.

    Anywho, I'm just going along for the ride. Whee!