Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Live Like This*

We Live Like This Ginseng Macadamia Bath Gel

(* aka my fave hotel in-room freebie)

You may know that my vacation philosophy is simple: Actively channel your inner-affluent. Big time.

My holidays involve a potent combo of walking (hours a day), dining finely (hours a day), drinking fun beverages (with the eating), people-watching (hours a day), absorbing beautiful scenes, caring nothing for the matters of my regular life (after all I'm a woman of luxury), having scintillating conversation (non-stop), a bit of shopping (natch) and sex (that's as far as I'm going with that one...)

I am restored by beauty and sensual pursuit. The texture of things, the sound (which often overwhelms me), intensity of light or dark and scent. The aptly named We Live Like This manages to capture association it its pretty bottle (not that the photo, above, depicts this particularly well) and the fragrance, while strong, is like nothing else I've encountered. It's sort of floral, sort of spicy, a little sweet. It's the complimentary room product at Auberge St. Antoine, though I buy it at from the concierge in mini and regular size when I stay elsewhere.


  1. You got to love a shower gel that sounds like it would be delicious as a dessert topping. Keep up the affluence!

  2. I like it just for the dispenser! How clever!

  3. Geesh, it just sounds like a vacation all by itself.

  4. girl, you know how to vacation properly!

    and i must try this product! it sounds fab!

  5. Bel: Sadly, it doesn't taste good. But everything else in that town does :-)

    E: Isn't it cute??

    Mardel: It smells so great, it reminds me of QC all year. Got to love scent association.

    J: I try! You should order it. Not so pricey and the smell is great.