Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shopping Fantasy 1: Uppercrust Gal

I have this recurrent fantasy involving the following key elements:
  • Me
  • Perfect weather
  • The Upper West Side
  • A credit card with no limit that my insanely hot, offensively rich boyfriend will “take care of” in return for “favours”
  • Languid lunches in delicious bistros
  • A metabolism the likes of which Gisele would envy, and

The entirety of Bottega Veneta’s Spring 08 RTW collection.

Can’t you just imagine yourself trolling around in these:

Now, with some gorgeous zillion-dollar lingerie to underpin it all… (But that's another fantasy...)


  1. I'm a member of the BV adoration society, as you know. Sign me up.

  2. Once again, our fantasy lists are the same. Have K-Line and Tessa Pugh ever been seen together?

  3. Yes, yes I can. I can definitely imagine you in all this beautiful stuff.

    If it was me I was imagining, I'd have to dye it all some other, more flattering-for-me color, but I could have some of my own fantasy fun with it.

    This is a really fun post.

  4. your fantasy sounds a lot like mine.

  5. I really would like to buy the first dress... and btw.: may I still your cool and rich boyfriend?

  6. I know, Miss C. You were the one who put the idea in my mind!

    Tessa: LOL - Wait till you read the fantasy I post today. I have a feeling you're going to love it.

    Enc: You would look fab in the green wrap dress for sure. It would be perfect with your skin tone and your toned arms!

    Yulanda: Great minds think alike.

    Nadine: Since it's you, I think we can share him. He's certainly got enough $$$ to go around :-)

  7. I love the way the skirts of the dresses are flowing. Really lovely.

  8. OH and I can imagine myself in that entire fantasy. . . why yes I can. . .

  9. This was without a doubt, my favourite BV collection. It's positively faultless, no?

  10. Jill: It's flowy fabulousness!

    Etoilee: Please feel free to insert yourself into it. We can meet up for drinks at the Mercer...

    Romany: It is FAULTLESS.